Arcaydis Audio have re-launched their EB1 and EB2 loudspeakers after an absence of over 2 years from the market place.  These popular speakers won numerous awards, but had in recent years had become unavailable when the original manufacturer ceased trading.

A new company, Arcaydis Audio Limited, has acquired the rights and commissioned production of these classic speakers, with technical assistance from the original designer to ensure they are faithful to the originals in every way. These British-made loudspeakers feature “Arcolam” multi-layer laminate construction. The new cabinets have been produced with components sourced from the original suppliers, right down to the screws, and are finished in the traditional Oak and Black Oak veneers plus an up-to-date White.

Marketing manager Mr Szemeti said: “Arcaydis has always had a superb reputation as a great British manufacturer with some astounding products, built to order. The problem in the past had been timely delivery. When we re-launched Arcaydis, our core principles were that we would only ever sell what we had in stock, and that we would stock what we sold. As we re-launch products from the range each one is being stocked in depth to ensure that our customers and dealers get what they order when they order it.  We know the products are top-tier; all that was needed was top-tier fulfilment to bring this iconic brand back to life.” Arcaydis are initially stocking the EB1S and EB2S, and they have built them to the same specifications as the final batches produced some 2 years ago, with the EB1S having an introductory price of £599/pair,  and the EB2S having an introductory price of £799/pair. Arcaydis are planning to re-introduce more models from the line-up over the coming months, as well as new products and packages for the home-cinema market.


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