Aries Cerat got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us all about the concept behind their latest preamplifier, the Incito.Incitofront

The Incito preamp comes about from the desire for Aries Cerat to find a high performance preamplifier that matched their latest tube amplifiers whilst keeping costs and size to manageable levels. The Incito has been developed for some time they say, but on l now ready to be launched to consumers.

Aries Cerat’s spokesman said they had a philosophy taken from Einstein to “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” and so the Inito was born.

The heart of the Incito preamplifier is a zero feedback power gain stage, which consists of a transformer-coupled super-triode, using the ultra high trans-conductance  E280F made by Siemens and this is loaded with a step down transformer.

The power supply is built around the 5AR4 rectifier, with separate double pi filtering  for each channel, using oversized chokes, and high speed capacitors, along with an ultra low noise adjustable bias supply and doubled filtered heaters supplies.   

A high quality discrete relay-latched-resistor attenuator is used and true balanced outputs are standard but all inputs are custom configurable.


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