Based in Japan, Arnaud Rastoul is the owner of Ologe Acoustic, manufacturer of innovative loudspeakers and audio electronics that are designed very much with a minimalist aesthetic.

How did you get into / what was your first job in the industry?Arnaud Rastoul

After meeting Ivan in early 2000 and following our numerous exchanges about systems and design, I decided to jump in as an investor in 2007 when we created Ologe Acoustic together with a likeminded group of audiophiles.

For this business, I have a great job, just sharing what I like in terms of design, music and lifestyle.

Who or what was the biggest influence in your career?

Meeting Ivan and hearing for the first time of the infinite baffle concept from our German engineer.

Proudest moment/product you are the most proud of?

When receiving our first prototype, especially the ONE for its amazing reproduction despite the size, only 3.75” woofer.

What was you very first system?

I remember pretty well, when I was twelve, a Proton amplifier with Triangle speakers.

Tell us about your system history?

Well then, down the road and with a step into the industry, my taste and flavour changed a lot. I must say that I found what I am looking for with Ologe – no distortion and elegant packaging.

Here are some gear which I was lucky to own – the Jadis Tube combo with Reyaudio KM1V. A great combination. I also enjoyed very much the sound of Swiss Physic 5 and 6 and last the Bruce Moore Tube Gear.

What component do you miss the most/wish you had never get rid off?

I definitely regret selling my Stax X1T Reference Tube DAC and to some extent the Denon DP-100M.

Best system (or single component) you have ever heard?

Well, I must say that I am very proud of Ologe TEN power by UNI & SOLO. The Sharp SX100 is also doing well with TEN. As for ONE, we had some great result with Ear-Yoshino 912 and Graaf GM100.

Tell us about your current system.

Thanks to my investment in Ologe, I can justify my man’s cave… and here are items which I am enjoying now:


  • LINN LP 12 with Denon 103R
  • SONY CDP-MS1 – it is a very special cd player, using a fixed pickup laser head system. Also it can adjust and store the parametric equalization (EQ, Q slope and level) of each CD.
  • Ologe NOTATION (Prototype, CAS+player)
  • Logitech Squeezebox Touch


  • Ologe TEN + ROSTRUM
  • Ologe ONE + AStand
  • Ologe #20 (only for movie as 2.1 system)

all use Ologe S1 speaker cable


1)UNI + SOLO v2.1 (Prototype at 2010)

*  all use Ologe P1 power cord

I still have some gear for reference.

  • NAD 390DD with phono card
  • Peachtree Audio
  • Aura Audio Note Premier
  • Mcintosh MA6200
  • Graaf GM100
  • Studer A730

I feel lucky to be able to play around with this gear. It is always nice to demonstrate how we could achieve such wide soundstage with our acoustic monitor.

What is your view of the industry? Where it is going? What will happen to price?

I will mostly speak about the industry in Japan, as I am now setting up our distribution here. The industry seems very procrastinated to itself without being able to open up to new market and consumers. Price and esoteric theory on accessories may be the reason. We must seduce again the young consumer, fight against poor quality recording and players to demonstrate the emotion of great recording reproduction.

Unfortunately, when speaking with friends in Europe and US, it seems that this trend is also present in those markets.

Presuming the measurement are fine, what do you listen to evaluate your component?

  • Bill Elgart – A Life (Red Rose Music SACD version)
  • The All Star Percussion Ensemble
  • Midnight Sugar, Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Trio
  • The Manger CD test Ella and Louis

Your sound preference?

My sound preference are very eclectic, from classic, jazz, funk to electro. Here are couple of artists I always enjoy: Pascal Comelade and Charles Aznavour for the French, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Palmieri up to Daftpunk or Justice.

What is your favorite recording?

Recording of David Byrne and Caetano Veloso in Carnegie Hall, remind me of my youth listening to the Talking Heads and also my first listening of latin music with Veloso. An amazing experience.

Tell us about your three favorite test recordings?

1)   Anechoic Orchestral Music Recording by Denon

It is a very good reference for me as it used one-point recording. Usage of a pair of microphones with omnidirectional characteristics which were installed as stereo-base in the right distance from the orchestra considering the reverberation time and general acoustics of the recording hall.

This method gives very natural results especially with regards the three-dimensionality – similar to the life experience of a concert.

Since it is not similar to multi-microphone recording, there’s no need to mix with the signal from multitrack. Less coloration and easily to produce the right and real sound because of not much “post-engineering” of the sound

2)   Opus Test-records 1-3

3)   Chesky Various Artists – Jazz Sampler & Test Volume 1 & 2

We are also working on creating our own testing CD.

What is your most embarrassing recordings/guilty pleasure?

ABBA for the fun of their music and sorry for the quality of their recording.


The Hifi Show Scalford 2013 (Photographs)
Daniela Manger of Manger Products

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