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Atlas Cables has announced the latest addition to its mid-priced analogue interconnect Hyper range atlas_integra_news– the Hyper Integra. Hand-made at the Atlas Cables factory in Scotland, the new cable introduces Atlas’ in-house Integra RCA plugs to its Hyper range for the first time.
The Cable
The Atlas Hyper Integra is an unbalanced cable that consists of a central conductor made up of 90 individual stands of OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper wire with 99.9997% purity. Insulated by an extremely low-loss foamed polyethylene dielectric, the return conductor is a two-layer braid made from a total of 252 strands of Ultra-Pure OFC (Oxygen Free Copper). This double layer of tightly woven wire mesh is wrapped over a PVC foil to provide rejection of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). A soft gloss black PVC sleeve covers the conductors.
To retain the Hyper Integra characteristics all the way to the socket, Atlas’ innovative Integra non-magnetic RCA plug employs low mass non-conductive plug technology, which Atlas say eliminates the detrimental affects of circulating Eddy currents. As with all of Atlas’ analogue audio terminations, the Integra utilises a ‘cold-weld’ interface between the cable and the plug.
Also utilised is Atlas’ own conjugate bracket system, which grips the cable sleeve without compressing it. In addition, four sprung asymmetrical sleeves spread on insertion onto an RCA socket, thereby cleaning the plug to socket interface every time the plug is inserted. Finally, the Integra plug’s translucent Polycarbonate non-conductive body offers a deletion-free return signal path.
Commenting on the launch of the Hyper Integra, Kevin Kelly, Managing Director of Atlas Cables, said, “We are delighted with the results achieved from the new Hyper Integra. The introduction of the Integra plug has made major improvements on what was already an excellent cable and is a significant step forward in our quest to create cables that allow the listener to get closer to the music.”
The Atlas Cable Hyper Integra is available now in the following lengths:
0.5 meter – £105.00
0.75 metre – £115.00
1 metre – £125.00
1.5 metres – £145.00
2 metres – £165.00
3 metres – £205.00


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