Atoll Electronics, based in Normandy, France, has announced their Signature range. The all new designs include 2 integrated amplifiers IN200 (pictured) & IN300 with an optional integral DSD DAC with Bluetooth and optional phono stage.

Both amplifiers are true Dual Mono with dual transformers, fast rectifiers and dual channel capacitors, all of which are Mundorf or Vishay. The IN200 produces 120W / Ch whereas the IN300 produces 155W / Ch and is supplied with the DSD DAC as standard. Both amplifiers are based on MOS-FET. In addition to the standard 5 line inputs the HT Bypass allows the unit to function as a power amp and the two pre-outs allow bi-amping or the use of a powered sub. There is also a Class A headphone amplifier.

IN200/300 Prices start from £1595 with optional DSD-DAC an extra £200.

Also included in the range are the CD200 Signature and matching AM200 Power Amp which is based on the IN200. In the CD Player, the TEAC mechanism is an audio only device designed with specific anti-vibration materials. There are 7 regulated supplies with one specific supply for the BURR-BROWN PCM1792 converter with 24bits/192 kHz, 8x oversampling, 129 dB dynamic & 129 dB signal/noise ratio. This player has 2 supplies. A low noise 160VA toroïdal transformer dedicated to the audio stages and a specific high quality 30VA transformer dedicated to digital stages. The CD200 Signature can be equipped with an optional board including 3 digital inputs:

1 digital input Coaxial (24 bits/192kHz)

1 digital input Optical (24 bits/192kHz)

1 USB input:PCM 24bits/192 kHz (asynchronous).



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