Audeze, the manufacturer known for their planar magnetic headphones, has announced “Team Carbon,” an exclusive colourway addition to the Audeze Mobius lineup, it’s being shown at CES 2019 along with their Head Gesture Keybinds Technology.

Team Carbon joins Team Copper and Team Blue, the original Mobius duo that earned over a million dollars in initial crowdfunding and made Mobius one of the most popular gaming headphones of 2018. Combining many technologies, Audeze Mobius delivers “a realistic, immersive experience that will push the boundaries of your imagination and maximize the audio experience of gaming, movies, and music”.

Audeze also announced today the introduction of customisable Head Gesture Keybinds. With Head Gesture Keybinds, users will be able to map various keyboard inputs and macros to corresponding head-tracking movements. For example, a head tilt to the left while wearing Mobius can be mapped to a game-specific action such as lean left from cover. The functionality is fully customisable and can be used to trigger a variety of actions in various games. For those who simply wish to jump in and play, several game-specific presets will be included in the update to Audeze HQ. These features will also provide a new means of control for gamers with physical disabilities. Head Gesture Keybinds are currently being beta-tested for a full release on Audeze HQ in early 2019. Audeze HQ,a free downloadable application for Windows and Mac, currently offers HRTF Personalization, Sound Profiles, Head-Tracking Visualisation, and Device Information.

“Audeze has always been defined by our commitment to innovation and our passion for creating best-in-class listening experiences,” stated Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze. “Mobius was developed as a foundational platform with limitless potential to elevate gaming audio. With Mobius, Audeze continues to expand the expectations for what a headphone can achieve, offering additional avenues for increased immersion, efficiency, and entertainment while still maintaining world class audio.”

Audeze Mobius retails for $399. Audeze Mobius Team Carbon will be available to purchase exclusively from Amazon starting on January 10th, 2019. The Team Carbon Audeze Mobius and an early demonstration of the Head Gesture Keybinds is currently being  shown at the Audeze Showcase at CES 2019.



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