The AAD2 is Audio Nec’s latest stereo amplifier operating in class D, with discrete components and with an oversized 2P4P linear power supply. It also incorporates R2R DACs, requiring no modulation cables, allowing for the musical signal to remain digital up to amplification stages.

Audio Nec told us “By placing the digital / analogue conversion in the amplifier, the only analogue connections are the speaker cables. Radio frequency and electromagnetic disturbances are thus limited to a minimum. Its totally balanced design, with a discrete components topology and with an oversized power supply, give a very lively and warm hearing without any feeling of limiting power or stress. Every detail, every micro information is reproduced with high precision and exceptional harmony”.

Functioning in Class D, the AAD2’s efficiency is close to 95% and produces very little heat as it is energy efficient both at rest or during intense use. The AAD2 amplifier has a touch screen on the front panel for all controls. It is also available as an integrated version with the AAD2i that has exactly the same characteristics. The AAD2i also incorporates a volume control stage.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (Hz-kHz at 8 Ohms)2 – 160
POWER RMS (Watt 8 Ohms)250 Standard – 400 Signature
HARMONIC DISTORSION (1W 8 Ohms at 1000 Hz)0,0003%
POWER SUPPLY (VA linear power)1000
R2R DAC 1 X USB, 2 X SPDIF, 1 X AES, 1 X Toslink
DIMENSIONS (H x L x P cm)23X 46X 46
WARRANTY (year)2





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