Earlier this month we brought you the news that VANA Ltd, the US audio distributor, had introduced the Audio Physic Step plus and Tempo plus loudspeakers to the states, now they have added the Avantera III, full range floor standing loudspeaker, to their range of Audio Physic speakers.

The Audio Physic Avantera III has a new 1.75-inch HHCT III tweeter, a pair of 5.9-inch HHCM III midranges and four 7-inch woofers. The Avantera III also utilises a crossover network featuring Clarity Capacitors and other high end components.

The enclosure, which tilts rearward at an angle of 7° in order to deliver a time-aligned presentation, has internal bracing with ceramic foam elements in the woofer and midrange chambers, reducing resonances. The Avantera III feature a mirror-image configuration of the four 7-inch bass drivers in each enclosure. Audio Physic engineers have used specially structured dampening panels developed specifically for the Avantera chassis to reduce the reflection of midrange energy within the cabinet. For the HHCT III tweeter, Audio Physic has developed a new type of silver connector at the interface between the crossover network and driver. Similar to other Audio Physic models, the Avantera III also features Active Cone Dampening (ACD), and VCT (Vibration Control Terminals), which are resonance-optimised WBT nextgen™ connectors which connect speaker cables via mechanically decoupled pure silver terminals.

We are confident that the Avantera III is one of the most significant product introductions from this esteemed manufacturer—this is a loudspeaker that has superb musicality and refinement as well as the visual appeal to compete against far more costly speakers in the marketplace,” said VANA Managing Director Nancy Weiner.

The Audio Physic Avantera III is available now. US MSRP is $22,995 (pair) in Cherry and Walnut Wood Veneer finishes, and $24,995 for Black or White High gloss or Ebony Wood Veneer.





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