roksponsmallVinyl Passion got in touch to let us know that The Vinyl Passion Music Room is the very first  UK Audio Technica Excellence retail centre, and one of only three dealers in the UK to be selected to demonstrate and stock the ART-1000 flagship cartridge.


This is a design the Mark at Vinyl Passion has been very excited about since its official launch at Munich High End 2016 and he says “In our humble opinion, in the time we have spent with the pre release models since May, this is the finest cartridge in the world today that we have encountered”. The Flagship ART-1000 is only available for demonstration and purchase from Excellence retail centres of which there will be 50 world wide.

The first stock from Japan arrives in The Vinyl Passion Music Room from tomorrow, 23rd November 2016. Audio Technica ART-1000: £4,450 inc VAT


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