There is something very special about the Audio Video Show Warsaw and that is self-evident in the sheer numbers of people that turn up for the event every year. We’re not talking about a couple of thousand of over fifty men (I’m in this category) bumbling around a series of rooms stroking chins and telling each other how they could make a better system for less money, no, at this show we have over 14000 (yes fourteen thousand) men and women of all ages attending.

And there are also loads of younger people and children who clearly love music and the systems it is played on. There’s also press from all over the world in attendance making sure that images and reportage from the show are circulated widely. Add these factors together and you soon come to realise why brands from every corner of the globe make a beeline for Warsaw in November.

For those that don’t know the Audio Video Show in Warsaw it’s held over three fantastic venues; the Radisson Sobieski and Golden Tulip hotels, and the National sports stadium. The two hotels are within walking distance of each other and the stadium can be reached by either the free and frequent shuttle buses put on by the organisers, or by ludicrously cheap taxi/Uber. The hotels each have their own flavour with the Sobieski having six floors of bedrooms converted to host exhibitors, plus a handful of larger rooms on the ground floor. The guys from Zen Sati had also camped out and taken two “presidential” suites at the Sobieski for the use of the press and with free drinks and refreshments. Sadly, we didn’t get up to these rooms but I’m assured they were top notch and a great space to take five or use for interviews and the like – what a great idea!

The Golden Tulip has just one floor with a couple of handfuls of rooms dedicated to the show, but these are much larger and full of high-end distributors and brands. There was also a few static stands here too.

Now, you may think that a sports stadium would be an odd venue for a show dedicated to all things audio-visual, but it works a treat with corporate boxes being used to house all manner of kit ranging from the truly esoteric to the more affordable. As well as these boxes the stadium has lots of space dedicated to head-fi, record and CD sales and static stands. The stadium is perhaps the best of the venues to my thinking, but it gets madly busy and we were told that the Saturday was truly hectic…though very well organised.

So you have your media and all the kit you could ever wish to play it on but that’s not the end of it at the National Stadium, there’s a whole lot more going off including several spots where you can take a break or grab a snack, or if you are feeling a tad more peckish then you can have a full and varied sit down meal which is self-service and you pay according to the weight of the food you have taken – odd concept but in reality it’s an excellent system that means you’re only paying for the food you want. Fancy your hand at DJing, no problem at the Stadium where there were hardware “decks” for you to have a go…needless to say I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from this particular area. There’s lots of Audio-visual setups here too and whilst this is not my particular “bag” fear not dear reader for we had that speciality covered by our Millennial Scribbler who will be submitting his report shortly. There was soundbars, Bluetooth speakers – in fact, you name it and it’s probably present here at the Warsaw Audio Visual Show. And so, without further ado here’s a bit of a walkthrough of the static stands, some headfi, and some of the lovely people we bumped into at the stadium.

The organisation is absolutely brilliant and Adam the organiser really does deserve a huge pat on the back for his efforts. Everything you could wish for is catered for with great signposting and a wonderful show-guide printed both in Polish and a separate one in English, both with excellent maps, information of exhibitors and more.

If you haven’t been to Warsaw before then you are in for a real treat. The city is full of history, has lots to do, is easy to get to from loads of airports and it is very cheap by UK standards. My only gripe about the show and this is completely out of the hands of the organisers, is folk standing in the doorways of rooms so you can’t actually get in there without asking people to move. There also seemed to be a lot of chatter in rooms, but then visitors seem genuinely excited about the products and thy do discuss the kit animatedly. Corridors in every venue were very busy, but people were polite and courteous in getting out the way.  I had a bit of a moan about some of the music played previously, with there being a lot of what I refer to as plinky-plonky jazz; exhibitors seemed to have listened and the music was much more varied than in previous years, though the usual suspects were heard several times – Keith Don’t Go, anyone?

We got into all but a couple of the two-channel rooms (they were having closed demonstrations) but if you think you can get around this show in a day you’d be mistaken, and to get a full feel you really do need to take the full weekend and plan your time for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The standard of rooms is impressively high and it’s almost churlish to pick out favourites but that’s what I’m going to do and then give you lots of images which I hope will give you an idea of what to expect. I also tend to report on shows in the order we covered rooms, but in an outrageous break with tradition I’m not going to do that, and so without further ado, they’re off!!!

Esoteric and PMC

Lordy, this was a great sounding room and it is clear the heritage of PMC clearly has its roots in the recording and mastering studio. OK, for most folk to get this system in their homes it’s going to take a serious chat with your bank manager/organ donation middleman, but I really was blown away with the tight bass and incredibly detailed sound in this room hosted in one of the stadium’s Skyboxes. I often think there is a lot of rubbish talked about high-end audio but I defy anyone to sit in front of this system for any amount of time and not to fall in love with its presentation – hard-hitting, detailed (as mentioned) and fast as you like. Definitely a system worth having that chat about!

Rethm and LampizatOr

This is a system that in many ways is in direct contrast to the PMC and Esoteric system above. Here we had a subtlety and finesse that drew you into the pinpoint sound field and gave you a huge hug. The speakers are of Indian origin, I know, not the first place you think of when you think of high-end audio and combine a full range driver allied with internal subs. LampizatOr needs little introduction and the Pacific DAC you see atop the pile of electronics is a thing of absolute beauty that just seems to add a certain magic to any system it is used in. The amps are the LampizatOr 211 Pacific Monos and again they seem to bring magic to whatever system they are partnered with.

Gauder Akistik, Vitus Audio, Tech DAS and Thrax

Here we have the Gauder Akustik DARC 140 speakers partnered with Direct Drive Thrax Yatrus turntable, though there was a  Tech DAS AirForce 3 turntable with an Etsuro Urushi Gold cartridge from Japan, and the Vitus Audio SCD-025mk2 CD player in the room too.

RCM, who hosted this room, is a seriously well-known distributor in Poland and I can fully understand why given the sound in this room.


I don’t have a great deal of success with MBL systems at shows as there is either far too many people in the room, it’s too dark or there’s someone playing the cello. However, I was determined I was going to get a good listen to this system and so fought through a very crowded room and boy was I pleased I did. The Radialstrahler 101 E speakers with their subs are a thing of wonder and awe, and whilst there is a sweet spot where it all just snaps into place you can sit pretty much anywhere and get a very good stereo image. All the electronics are by MBL too and clearly a lot of thought has gone into getting the best out of each and getting them to work at their best together. If you ever get a chance of a private dem, or a demonstration with only a few people in the room, then do it, you will thank me for it. Of course, if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it.

Bryston and My Monitors

The Bryston streamer, BDA-5 DAC and Bryston amps were played through a pair of Polish made My5 Monitors (the smaller speakers) in this room and to very good effect. The speakers are a transmission line design (1.4m) with a 52 custom built woofer and custom 1″ dome tweeter. They are also available active. I thoroughly meant to get back to hear the actives and their sub unit but time did not allow, sadly.

Marton, J.Sikora and Acapella

OK, this was one of the very last rooms we actually went in and it was over at the Sobieski, but I’m so glad we didn’t miss this stunningly dynamic system. The amp is the huge Marton Opusculum Reference 3, made in Poland by a chap called Marek Knaga and the turntable is also Polish and from J.Sikora. The turntable is fitted with the all-new J.Sikora KV12, a 12″ model with a Kevlar armtube and which is soon set to take pride of place on our reference turntable here at Hifi Pig Towers…we just need to get the current turntable modified to accommodate it.

The larger speakers you see are Acapella Audio Arts from Germany and they really rocked this room moving loads of air and having that “i’m feeling this and not just hearing it” sense to the music.

A really great experience!

Fein Audio

This German line-array speaker really did impress me a great deal with power, speed and an airiness to the tops that I think is inherent with well done ribbons. It’s a fully active design with onboard DSP  (with 8 different presets) and despite all those speakers, it’s a three-way design. Amps offer up 750W of power and the input is by balanced XLR. In an anechoic room these are flat down to 30Hz and they employ something the company calls “Impulse Compensation”.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these €20K speakers and whilst the asking price isn’t a drop in the ocean, it does feel like you are getting a fair amount of product for your dosh. I was so impressed with these that I went and found Linette who was working her way through another floor of the show to come and have a listen.

Fink Team, Thrax and SME

There was an advert many years ago for Mr Kipling who apparently made “exceedingly good cakes”, and the same can be said of Karl-Heinz Fink pictured below with regards his speakers. These are the Borg speakers (review imminent on Hifi Pig) and I really do like them a lot. We posted pictures of the speakers on our social media channels and they got a few comments about the shape being a little odd, but with these speakers form follows function and whilst the photographs give an idea of what they look like but in the flesh they are absolutely beautiful looking and immaculately finished. Detail, air and poise were what I brought away from these speakers partnered with Thrax Audio monos and an SME vinyl front end.

LampizatOr and Sveda

At a previous Audio Video Show Warsaw I had this down as one of the top systems, if not the very top system, and they’ve done it again. The LampizatOr Pacific DAC was in preamp duties whilst we were in the room and being fed by the new LampizatOr MC1 phonostage. The speakers are active and the whole lot manages to capture the precision and detail of a studio monitor but with an added something from the electronics that is magical but inexplicable. A truly wonderful system that I could have sat in front of for hours.


We all have those brands that we really love and Lab12 is one of those for me. The Greek brand offer a wide range of realistically priced products that in my opinion punch well above their relatively modest pricepoints – we have their gordian power conditioner and pre1 preamplifier in our mid-priced system and their melto2 phonostage (read the review here) went straight into our main review rig, replacing a SUT and phono costing around double. The truth of the matter in this room is Lab12 have really played to their strengths in bringing a pair of Avantgarde Uno XDs into the equation – it’s a brilliantly matched system that sounded brilliant. Indeed, turning to Stratos Vichos the owner and saying “That sounds brilliant.” his response was “I know”. I love that he has so much confidence in his future-retro designs and despite them being performing so well he is keeping the prices to manageable levels. I see this brand doing great things over and above what they have already achieved – I suppose in some ways the brand is like one of those great little restaurants you find that only a handful of people know about and you are loathed to share your find with others. However, it’s great that the world is now noticing Lab 12 and its products.


These were wonderful sounding speakers and I understand fully why we are seeing them more and more in studios and in home setups. The active wave-focusing the company use is described as follows on their website “Active Wave Focusing filters mark a complete departure from the classical crossover filter. Instead of just splitting the spectrum into bands, it forces the specially positioned drive units to create a completely coherent wavefront that is only emitted forward and behaves as though all of it came from the midrange driver.”. Listening to the speakers I completely get this fully active design; it is powerful, tight and true, with very low colouration. I think we will see much more of Kii speakers being used in homes in the near future and were it not for the need for us to have separate amps and preamps for review purposes I’d definitely have these on my shortlist. They are great sounding and look the part too. Definitely up there with the very best at the show!

Wilson Audio and D’Agostino

I mentioned in our last report from (if I remember correctly) the Xfi show that that was the best I’d ever heard Wilsons sound but with the big Dan D’Agostino amps at Warsaw I was genuinely gobsmacked by the sound. Power, speed and dynamics were the order of the day and by the looks of the packed room I wasn’t alone in enjoying the sound. Shunyata Research cables and power products plus Aurender and dcS electronics may have helped along the way too.


If you have to fight to get into a room because of the sheer number of people in there then you know there’s likely something very special in there waiting to be discovered and the Gryphon room was just that. There’s probably a good reason that Rune Skov, who must be one of the hardest working people I know, always has a smile on his face surrounded as he is by the music made by systems such as this. Look, I can’t afford this kind of system, and it’s unlikely short of a lottery win that I ever will be, but wow!! Having just walked out of a couple of VERY good rooms before venturing into this one there was always the chance of me feeling a little underwhelmed. Nope, completely the opposite in fact. Brilliant!


Finnish brand Aurelia was showing off their Graphica XL speakers which represent the top of their range. It’s a 2-way cylinder wave radiator, where the lower frequencies are produced by six DDC Isomatrix Eaglewing-woofers in a vertical line. The upper frequencies are reproduced by a Cylinder Source Radiator which they say generates a cylindrical waveform for upper frequencies. I’d have liked to have had the opportunity to listen to this at a higher volume but the chap in the room was actively selling this very pair to the only other person in the room and it seemed rude to interrupt.


Soyaton are a brand new Polish cable manufacturer and they were showing cables from their Benchmark range. The copper wires are made in Japan and then have gold added in the USA, before their assembly in Poland.

We were treated to master tape recordings from ACRecords on Reel to Reel, using the Adventure A200 speakers from another Polish brand, Audioform. and elinsAudio (again Polish) supplied their Mille reference system of pre and monoblock amplifiers. A wonderful, natural-sounding room.


We’d sent the Oscar turntable previously (that’s the long one) but this year at the Warsaw show Polish brand Tentogra was showing off their new Gramy and it certainly performed well on the day with their chosen electronics and speakers.


Readers will know that in our big system we have (and love) the Avantgarde Duo XD speakers which have an immediacy and speed of dynamics found in very few other loudspeakers in my opinion. However, having heard the Mezzo XDs a few times now I think they are the model I would have opted for is I had the opportunity. Sadly they were playing at low volume when we visited their room at Warsaw, but you still got a feeling of scale and depth to the music playing when they were partnered with Accuphase electronics.


This system from Lyngdorf, who I am not intimately familiar with. left us open-mouthed given the sheer level of scale the system brought to the music. I’m not a huge fan of surround sound systems as they tend to be way over the top in terms of both physical size and the way in which the bass is exaggerated. Fear not, Lyngdorf it seems have struck a happy balance with this relatively compact package being balanced and pretty unobtrusive. Bass response was very good, leading me to ask where the subs were, to which I got the response “Behind the curtain, but they are not subs, just normal woofers”. So, not as unobtrusive as at first glance but never the less still pretty impressive.

8MM Audiolab, LampizatOr and Reed

Ok, in the heat of the moment I completely missed to take photographs of the main attraction in this room, the speakers, which were huge, but I did come away thinking that what a nice sounding room this was and that the LampizatOr electronics really do add something quite special to the mix. Can they, for want of a better turn of phrase, turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, I don’t think that’s possible of any component and I’m a strong believer that your system is only as good as its weakest link, but put them in-front of a nice pair of speakers like these and you are laughing.

Now the speakers I so stupidly forgot to photograph were actually making their debut at the Warsaw show and are the 8MM Audiolab Linga which feature two-metre tall cabinets and an updated OS horn waveguide with ten ultra-low distortion drivers and a passive crossover. They also have customisable features that can be used to tune them to your own personal preference..


This was a big room for the relatively small Boenickes to fill but they somehow manage to do it and do it well. I’m yet to hear Boenickes sound anything but very special, and for those looking for a compact speaker that looks great and sounds similar then these should be on your “must listen to” list.

Natural Sound

These are the Natural Sound Samurai loudspeakers and I have to say they are one of the most beautiful loudspeakers I have ever come across. You have here a ribbon tweeter that is placed in a horn and the sound is noticeably airy and full in the top registers but sadly the whole was being played too quiet when we had the opportunity to visit, which is a shame as I really do love these speakers and didn’t have a chance to return to hear them in their full glory. Amps are Audio Teckne.


Soundaware are a Chinese High-End audio brand who are known for their chip design, power supplies and digital audio processing. The main system was the Soundaware D300REF(sound source, digital transport), Hilo (DAC), Soundaware P1(Pre-amp), Line magnetic power amp and Audio Solution Figaro passive speakers. They were also showing their A series all in one streaming music players including the A1, in a rather smart colour!.

Davis and Pier Audio

One room and two French brands, with Pier Audio being a new one on me. The 300B amp (MS 300 SE) you see is around €2750 and looks to be very well put together. The sound in the room was very good and we have a pair of Davis speakers arriving very soon at Hifi Pig Towers for a closer listen. At this point in writing up my notes, it strikes me that it is nigh on impossible for one to get a real grasp for a system and its capabilities in a show situation. Sure, you can marvel at a system and what it does as a whole, but trying to pinpoint what each component is adding to the mix is nigh on impossible. What we can do as commentators is to give you the reader a broad overview of the system and if something stands out as being exceptional say so and hopefully get it in for a proper evaluation.

Avatar Audio

These are the HOLOPHONY Number Two over at the Golden Tulip and sounding, well, quite holophonic. Each of the speakers ia made by hand and then tuned individually. The actual housings are made of bamboo and placed on magnetic stands tat kind of levitate the speakers on an air cushion (levitate on the air cushion). 

The source was the Avatar Audio Livebit streamer and the other electronics were a tube DAC and a hybrid Class-A amplifier from Audio-Akustyka.

Xavian, Thoress and Bladelius

You may not know the Xavian brand from the Czech Republic but they should be on your radar as they make exceptionally good loudspeakers, so much so in fact that we use their Perlas as part of our armoury of review equipment. The floorstanders in use are their Madre Perla and they sound very much like the Perlas we have only with a slightly more extended bass response. You can read the review of the Perlas here.

SoundSpace Systems

Berlin-based SoundSpace Systems brought their Pirol speakers, which have a sensitivity of 97dB. The 3-way floorstanders have an interesting construction of a triple-layer composite, bamboo core and frame and a ceramic inner shell. Like many loudspeakers I am drawn to, these feature an AMT, giving a fast and accurate sound that was also engaging and highly listenable. They re pretty big speakers and quite imposing in black, but their angles make them different to many of the ‘black box’ speakers that you see. They worked very well with the Vitus Audio gear.

Portento Audio & Spirit Torino

It’s always nice to see Portento Audio, lovely Italians who always ply us with the best coffee in the world.  They make very nice cables and power products too, which were partnered with Spirit Torino headphones in this room

Ancient Audio/Fram

The Fram, slender line of speakers have impressed us at the last few Warsaw shows, very elegant and a lovely clean sound with aluminium cabinets.

O Audio

A new brand to us from Norway, O Audio brought their Icon speakers which had a very dynamic sound, I’d like a chance to hear more of these.


Good to see some of the UK’s Melco team here supporting their Czech distributor, 4Highend. Their digital music servers were attracting a lot of attention in this busy room.


Visually different, this fairly new speaker brand has an exceptionally good sound, both airy and detailed, they are the kind of speakers you could listen to for hours. We heard Indigenum, which we were impressed with last year, unfortunately time did not allow us to hear the new Versus.

TelluriumQ, Line Magnetic

This was a great sounding room with amps by Line Magnetic who draw their inspiration from tube amplifiers of the past.

Balanced Audio Technology and Falcon Acoustics

I have one big regret this year in audio and it is not having placed an order for the special edition LS3/5a speakers from Falcon Acoustics. However, it may be that even better is around the corner with Jerry from Falcon telling us that he has managed to create a version of the speakers using parts sourced only in the EU. The partnership with BAT and Falcon is a great one and the HP80 Graphene speakers really did sing.

Vertere and Zellaton

Accuracy and focus were the order of the ay in this room. The cartridge pictured is a sneaky peek of the new model from Vertere called Mystic. The preamplifier seen on the left of the rack is the legendary FM Acoustics from Switzerland and cables are by Faber’s cables (review of their power block is imminent).

Audiophase and Charles Martin

Audiophase were showing off their Krypton series of cables in this room but what really caught my attention were the Charles Martin speakers which sounded great despite having a very reasonable price tag.


Audio-Connect is the Polish distributor of a number of well-respected brands including Diapason (speakers) and Riviera Audio Labs who make wonderful electronics we have talked about previously at shows. Audio Connect also represents Aqua Acoustic from Italy and were showing off their La Diva CD player and Formula XHD DAC. Classy and refined sounding room.

Tellurium Q, Shanling, Line Magnetic and Audio Solutions

At the stadium again for this room put together by Premium Sounds and featuring Audio Solutions Virtuoso speakers that were making their Polish debut. Amplifiers are by Shanling and give 450 Watts each and the source and DAC are both by Rockna. The preamplifier atop the rack is Line Magnetic and cables are by Tellurium Q. Another very good sounding room.

Auralic, ATC and Tellurium Q

What’s not to like about this room? I have a soft spot for Auralic and believe they make some of the best value streaming products currently available. OK, they are not budget products but they do punch well above their pricepoint to the point we use one of the G1 streamers in our mid-priced system. The ATC speakers show off their studio heritage and sounded accurate and precise without feeling they were overloading the listener.


Gato from Denmark always have a great looking room, in fact, if we gave a prize out for best-looking room they would win time and time again. They have just introduced direct sales too which means they have cut prices by up to 40% which can only be a good thing for the end-user.

J.Sikora and Horns

This was a stunningly good room with dynamics to die for. Speakers are by Horns and are winging their way to Hifi Pig Towers for review as I type and the turntable is by Polish brand J.Sikora. The tonearm is J.Sikora’s new KR 12 and features a Kevlar wand. This 12 inch tonearm will soon be fitted to our reference deck in the main system and I cannot wait! We were long-time users of the Horns Mummy loudspeakers and it took a considerable financial outlay to better them in our system.

Electrocompaniet and Wilson Benesch

This is the best I have ever heard any Wilson Benesch speakers sound at a show by a long way. Musical, dynamic and altogether rather splendid.


Audio Alto

Handmade in Slovenia, Audio Alto were making some good sounds in their room. The preamplifier is their anniversary edition and was making its debut at the show. The speakers are active open baffles. Good sounding room.

Super Sound Device

Here’s another brand we only really see at the Warsaw show but they were launched in 2016 by Robert Lachniak and Michal Wiktorko. 


I’ve only ever encountered Muarah at the Warsaw show which is a shame as they sounded very nice with the Cube spekers.

Hagto Audio

Hailing from Norway Hagto are a distributor that also makes their own speakers called Trym. I thought these were very, very nice sounding with a sound that belied their relatively small size. The amp is the Clones 25IX integrated and this was the very first outing anywhere in the world. DAC was a Chord Qutest.

Metronome, Emm Labs, Sonus faber, Cube Audio and Tellurium Q

British brand Tellurium Q, sponsors of our show coverage, were in ten rooms at the show which goes some way to show how far this brand has come in the eight or so years it has been in operation. This room at the stadium really was very special with a smooth high-end sound that I think is Sonus faber’s signature. The Metronome kit is from France and is a rock-solid source.

Audio System

Audio System had four rooms in total and all had their merits with this one featuring Raidho TD 2.2 speakers, MBL electronics and a Bergmann record player. These speakers really are very special indeed and just ooze quality. Tight in the bass, airy in the tops and punchy in the mids. Great

Galeria Audio

Leema, Manley, Davone, Soulines and Wolf von Langa came together wonderfully in this room. One of the best sounds of the show for me for sure in the “real world” price bracket. The von Langa speakers really are open and airy as you’d expect and everything before them came together very nicely to produce a really coherent and enjoyable listen.

Core Trends

This was a stunning system with detail and tight bass aplenty. The amp is from Audionet as is the CD player and everything is on Townshend Audio seismic isolation products. Seriously, seriously high-end room that was fast and musical. 

Chord Electronics, Audiovector, REL and Primare

Now this was a very, very good sounding room and again proof that you don’t have to spend stratospheric sums to achieve very good results. The front ends go without saying… and the Audiovector speakers always sound great. Primare was launching a new product but that will be talked about by our Millenial Scribbler in his report of the show. Cardas Cables provided the links in this chain.

Exposure and Melodika

UK stalwarts Exposure and Polish brand Melodika getting on very nicely and playing together wonderfully. I think my comment was along the lines of “there is no way that deserves to sound so good at that kind of price”. 

Harman International

Harman has a great set of very big Hifi brand names in their stable, and at this show, they were focusing on Mark Levinson with JBL and Revel. Stars of the system were the soon-to-be-released Mark Levinson N° 5101 integrated streaming SACD Player and DAC and the N° 5805 integrated amplifier, which we got our first taste of at The Bristol Show in early 2019.

The № 5101 is a bit of a breakthrough product as there are not many high-end CD players on the market that both support the SACD format and feature integrated streaming, it’s going to be launched next month and will retail at £4,999.

The Mark Levinson combo delivered the goods, packed with tech but with an elegant and sleek industrial look. The 3-way Revel’s F226Be were seriously dynamic and the overall sound in the room was fast, accurate and punchy and very enjoyable to listen to. Though we didn’t hear them they were alternating with the new JBL HDI-3600 2.5 way floorstander speakers too.


Cube and Artisan Audio Devices

We’ve heard the Cube drivers and speakers a number of times now and I for one am always very impresses with their performance. Tsakardis amps from Greece, the LampizatOr MC 1 phonostage (again) and Tektron valve amps too.

Arcam, Chord and Blok

The Chord guys doing what they do best and giving an excellent demonstration of the differences in their cables and in particular the use of different dielectrics.

And Now Lots of Pictures


Stuart Smith

Mrs Hifi Pigs Best Presented Rooms At The AV Show Warsaw

A Photo Tour Of Warsaw Hifi Show 2019

The Millennial Scribbler’s View Of The Audio Video Show Warsaw 2019 

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