DJ and author Bill Brewster has been confirmed as the headline at this year’s Rotation Garden Party, which takes place at Bishton Hall near Stafford on Saturday 21st July. The annual event, which is now in its fourth year, also includes a live performance from The Emperor Machine with support from Mind Fair, Stuart Robinson and Rob J.

Organiser Dean Meredith said; “Bill’s name is synonymous with DJing and dance music in general. His contribution, whether documenting, participating or promoting has been nothing short of prolific.” Brewster is best known for writing the book Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, which charts the history of DJing and dance culture with longstanding collaborator Frank Broughton. He’s also a veteran DJ who has graced the decks at various nightclubs like Fabric and festivals such as Glastonbury.

At the core of Rotation’s garden party is a bespoke sound system, which includes four vintage Klipschorn speakers, accompanied by state-of-the-art Hifi components. “Fundamentally, what we’re trying to do is re-ignite the art of listening, experiencing and enjoying music,” said Meredith. “Instead of cranking up the volume we crank up the quality instead.”

“When Paul Klipsch designed the Klipschorn speaker 70 years ago he wanted to recreate the sound of a symphony in the living room. That’s basically what we do but in a public arena. There’s an appetite for an event that brings you closer to music that’s not an ear bleeding experience.” Co-organiser Ben Shenton added; “We’ve seen our audience grow over the last four years and the Rotation brand has developed into a community, with people travelling from all corners of the UK to enjoy quality music with likeminded people. There aren’t many events like this worldwide, let alone in Staffordshire.”

As well as listening to some great music in its highest fidelity, guests can also sample some of the finest gins available courtesy of Gin Jamboree, who will be hosting a dedicated G&T bar, with wines, spirits, craft ales and ciders supplied by Old School Wines. Gin Jamboree’s Andrew Wilson said, “What could be better than listening to some amazing music on perhaps the finest sound system that money can buy whilst sipping on a gin and tonic? At this year’s Rotation we’ll be showcasing around 30 of our favourite gins from the 250 we currently stock, with a few new ones making their debut.”

The Rotation Garden Party takes place at Bishton Hall, Wolseley Bridge on Saturday 21st July between 2pm and midnight. Tickets cost £15 per person (Early bird £12.50 until 31st May) with children under 16 free, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Further details and links to this and many other Hifi Shows and Events can be found in our Hifi Diary


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