Audioplus Laboratories is a relatively new Italian Hifi brand that was born in 2016. After its first appearance at High End Munich 2017, it now presents a complete line of electronics, in the mid and high-level range.

At High End Munich 2018, it will be possible to listen to an upgraded version of their dual mono power amplifier A100K “Kurz”, equipped with 1KVA high grade Italian made transformers (pictured). Beside the renewed tube line preamplifier LT05, a new MM/MC Phono Preamplifier will be presented, the first of a new low profile series of products. Circuitry is fully solid state and discrete components, low noise OP-AMP, passive RIAA and a power supply section. This new phono preamplifier is “capacitor-less” in the signal path. The input loads and gain are manually configurable, to avoid electric contaminations from digital circuits.

Audioplus say that “cases and aesthetics are essential, with emphasis on simple and best sound circuitry, selected components and artisan hand making”. The Audioplus Labs products are fully made in Italy and can be found in Halle 2 Stand F06/G07 at the High End Show in May.

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