On Saturday, September 14th and Sunday, September 15th the AUDIOVISTA 2019 will take place in the Hotel Mercure, in Krefeld, Germany, for the third time.

Under the slogan “meet & hear”, headphone fans will get to know new developments and trends in the industry and pick valuable tips and tricks from the blogger and forum scene and try them out on site. The annual headphone fair AUDIOVISTA began as a community meeting at the Krefeld University, organised by a group of students of production engineering who were engaged in the construction of headphones using 3D printing.


Since last year, the Mercure Conference Hotel in Krefeld-Traar became the venue for AUDIOVISTA. The Mercure Conference Hotel is known to many Hifi enthusiasts as the venue for the Krefeld Analog Forum.

The following brands and exhibitors were present at the last show in 2018: AAW, Adam Audio, ADL, Alo Audio, AdMess, Ampio, Analogue Audio Association, Astell & Kern, Audeze, Audionext, Audio Optimum, AudioValve, Auralic, Bakoon, Burson, Calyx, Campfire Audio, Comply, Dita, Dominik Stritt Audio, Earsonics, Effect Audio, Empire, Eternal Arts, Feliks, FiiO, FischerAmps, Focal, Headphone Company, Hearsafe, Hiby, Hifiman, Higoto, Hörluchs, Hörzone, HRT, iBasso, Jerry Harvey, Kennerton, Lake People, LB-Acoustics, Lehmann Audio, magAudio, Manunta, MalValve, Meier Audio, Meze Audio, Moden Audio, Mr Speakers, MYSPHERE, Niimbus, NTGlobal, OMG Sound, Opus, Phiaton, Portento, Questyle, Radius, Riviera, RME, Röhrenschmiede, Rooms, Schubert Akustik Design, Sennheiser, Simgot, Sonoma Acoustics, SOtM, SPL, Stax, Ultimate Ears, Ultrasone, Violectric, Woo Audio, ZMF and more.

Headfi Community Area

In addition to the fair, there will be a large community area with bloggers and representatives of well-known audio forums such as Prof-X, Westdrift, Analogue Audio Association and Open-End-Music. There, personal impressions will be discussed, interesting tips and tricks will be presented, measurements and comparisons will be carried out, visitors can actively participate and bring his devices to try out and optimize. Admission is free, as always. AUDIOVISTA is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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