Auris Audio has launched Euterpe, a new high end valve headphone amplifier.

According to the Greek Mythology, Euterpe was one of the nine Muses, the Goddess of music and a ”giver of delight” and that’s exactly what Auris Audio say Euterpe will bring to headfi users and audiophiles.

Integrated DAC

Designed in a single ended configuration Euterpe has an integrated audiophile asynchronous xMos/ESS Sabre DAC. Auris Audio’s Euterpe is housed in a wooden chassis which doubles as a headphone stand.


Tubes: 2 X PL 95 , 1 X ECC 81

Amplifier configuration: Single Ended

Power output: 0.9 W RMS

Conversion rate: USB: DSD 64, DSD 128, PCM max 32bit/384kHz

Output Impedance: Low 32 – 80 Ohm / High > 150 Ohm

Power supply: 115 / 230 V AC

Inputs: 1 x USB, 1 x RCA

Outputs: 6.3 mm Stereo / RCA Pre Out

Dimensions (WxLxH) mm: 270 x 210 x 230

Weight (kg): 4.1/NET ( without power supply)

Price is 1499€.



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