Pure Sound contacted Hifi Pig to announce the UK arrival of the Japanese made Aurorasound puresound.AurPREDA line level Control Amplifier.

PREDA is a solid state preamplifier with analogue IN / OUT and employs an autoformer type volume control system. The transformer taps are switched using reed relays from UK manufacturer Pickering Interfaces and incorporates 54-steps. Unlike the conventional resistive attenuator, this transformer system loses no part of the signal as heat and enables more accurate control of the listening level say Pure Sound. PREDA also includes Aurorasound’s newly developed discrete amp-modules. PREDA was developed adopting a completely new modular concept and deploys independent blocks comprising power supply, input and output stages for each L/R channel. A heavy duty solid aluminum chassis, extruded knobs and anti-vibration isolating feet are employed.


6 Inputs. 2 x Balanced via XLR, 4 single ended via RCA sockets 

2 Outputs. 1 x Balanced via XLR, 1 single ended via RCA sockets 

Maximum 10 dB Gain 

54 step transformer attenuation switched via UK made Pickering Interfaces reed relays. 

Input selection, volume level, balance & phase reversal all accessible via IR remote control. 

Newly developed wideband (12MHz) gain modules for input/output buffering.

Fully independent L/R architecture for true dual mono operation. 

Substantial aluminium casework & isolation feet.

Price in the UK will be £7999.95

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