LA-based audio brand Ausounds, which launched in the UK just last month, has released its latest earphone product, the AU-Stream Hybrid earbuds.

Ausounds Lifestyle

The in-ear AU-Stream Hybrid Earbuds are engineered to create high quality sound and feature noise-cancelling technology. With a noise reduction of 25db the earbuds actively reduce the ambient noise in the user’s surroundings. They are available in four colours – red, gold, black and grey – and with a polished luxury finish.

Ausounds True Wireless Earbuds With Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Ausounds Hybrid Lifestyle

Designed for music lovers and music creators, Ausounds set out to create products which deliver music just as the producers and songwriters intended for it to be heard.

Ultra-lightweight for on-the-go, the earbuds include a cordless rapid charging case that offers up to three hours play time after just 15 minutes charge, with total charge time only one and a half hours. The compact hybrid design allows the earbuds to fit completely in-ear, sitting comfortably without risk of falling out, even whilst moving.

Featuring tech such as a 9mm AU-Titanium three-layer composite film drivers for accurate sound reproduction, the earbuds are IPX5 rated and will hold up against natural elements such and wind and rain without comprising sound quality.

Ausounds Launches True Wireless Earbuds With Active Noise Cancelling Technology in a variety of colours

Key Features

IPX5 is an exceptional rating against sweat, so the Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid earphones will keep a sustained music quality and performance even when used for exercise.

Interchangeable silicone ear tips in three different sizes create a perfect seal for comfort and sound quality meaning they are comfortable and durable on the ears, even when worn for long periods of time or for use whilst moving such as travelling or exercising.

Hybrid shape allows for a stylish look in the ear whilst maintaining high levels of sound quality without the risk of them becoming loose or falling out.

Easy connection with new Bluetooth 5.0 allows for automatic connection to devices without the need to re-connect. Simply open the case and remove the headphones for quick automatic connect.

The Ausounds AU-Stream Hybrid Earbuds offer a truly wireless experience with a compact wireless charging case featuring rapid charging and back-up battery delivering up to 25hours playback time to the Earbuds without needing to recharge from a USB power source.

Voice activation and built-in microphone allow for hands free calling and when fully charged offers nine hours talk time.

The 9.2mm high performance AU-Titanium Driver and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation provide an accurate soundstage while also reducing distracting ambient sounds. The AU-Stream Hybrid is extremely transparent and dynamic with a frequency range of 20Hz – 40KHz.


RRP of £199.95

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