For twenty-five years, British Hifi brand AVID has championed vinyl reproduction with its turntables.

Their Reference Ruby cartridge, first seen at High End Munich 2019, is the first of three low output moving coil cartridges to be released by AVID, and has been designed from the ground up. This is the next step in AVID’s plan to produce a complete system, AVID from stylus to speaker.

Moving Coil Cartridge

The moving mass has been reduced with less coil windings to improve dynamics, but the output is 0.32mV due to the enlarged magnet assembly. Overall mass is 9.1grms

Solid Ruby Cantilever

As the name implies the cantilever is solid Ruby with a Micro-Ridge Diamond stylus. The cartridge body is designed and manufactured by AVID and encapsulates components usually unsupported, resulting in less internal resonance and much attention has been paid to energy transfer.

The AVID Reference Ruby is available now with a UK retail price of £6,000

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