Western Electric are set to bring their famous 300B tubes to market and here’s some rather splendid amplification from them to put them in. Not seen in these pictures are Gauder Akustic’s loudspeakers.

Larsen Audio 9 loudspeakers, Audio Skies in the AudioSkies room along with Aurender, GamuT, Levin Design, Pear Audio Blue turntable and Pneuance Audio who make isolation devices…as the name would suggest.

Hifi Pig were at the launch of this turntable in Munich but it’s worth including again as it looks so great!

The Mojo Audio Mystique music server along with German Physik Borderland IV loudspeakers and electronics. The German Physik electronics are their new Emperor range. The new range currently comprises a preamplifier, integrated amplifier and stereo and mono power amplifiers.  German Physiks say that in designing the Emperor range, their aim was to create a range of electronics that would match their loudspeakers in terms of the level of transparency, dynamics and musicality that they offer, and in the case of the power amplifiers, to be able to drive any loudspeaker currently on the market.

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