At the end of 2009, B.M.C. Audio presented the MCCI Phono preamplifier, with a new concept for proceeding MC-cartridge’s signals.

B.M.C. told us more: “The CI concept (Current Injection) turned the weakest point of LP playback, the amplification of voltages in the μV range, to an extremely low-loss section. CI uses the original current of the cartridge so the original signal is retained until the first amplified voltage. Neither usual voltage amplifiers nor typical transimpedance amplifiers can achieve this! A passive RIAA is not associated with prior over-amplification in the CI concept, therefore combining the advantages of active and passive RIAA without their disadvantages. Cartridge levels are largely self-adjusting to similar values. For example, a high-output MC cartridge, delivering 10 times the voltage, but also having ten times the internal impedance, results is the same current amount and thus level”.

The MCCI Signature is the sum of seven years of MCCI experience and many users. The MCCI Signature has a revised power supply with lower noise and new ground design.
An additional “Power Conditioner” module, which fills the ¼ of the housing, reduces the power related disturbances and fluctuations to a minimum thanks to a complex shunt controller. The phono signal sections provide 40% more level headroom. The frequency response fluctuates only by + -0.1dB, with classic RIAA or Neumann corrected RIAA. The cabinet has been mechanically damped.

The retail price US$ 4298
Availability expected around the end of March 2017





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