High End Italian Hifi rack manufacturer, Bassocontinuo, has released their new Aeroline range featuring clean lines integrated with hi-tech materials such as carbon fibre and more classic materials such as porcelain, marble and satin-finish steel.

The solid stainless steel structure with a diameter of 50 mm is joined to the shelves using special carbon fibre connectors that implement stability and at the same time act as dampers.

The new Aeroline racks from Bassocontinuo

Modular System

Each shelf is then decoupled using the tried and tested system also found on the Reference and Revolution lines. As always, modularity is an integral part of the design, making the products expandable and upgradeable aftermarket.

Materials used in the new Bassocontinuo Aeroline racks include, porcelaine, marble and carbon fibre

The point of contact with the floor is made using height-adjustable semi-spheres, which, associated with a stabiliser washer, enable fine-tuning.

More information and pricing available soon, Bassocontinuo are available in the UK through distributor Fine Sounds UK.

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