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As Hifi Pig readers will surely be aware, the last 3 years a resurgence in Vinyl playback has been Belles_phonostagevery evident, and to that end Belles has produced its first phono stage in some years.

The Belles Soloist S1 phonostage has been designed taking into account the problems that arise from playing a record, namely radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference.
The Soloist S1 phono stage features fully discrete components, separated MM and MC circuitry and high quality linear power supply with several layers of regulation.

Belles say that “The Belles Soloist S1 phonostage produces a high involving and enjoyable sound, coupled with lovely tonal qualities, great bass texture and control. It all adds up to a serious good musical phono that will enhance your system”.

•Frequency response 20 Hz to 20KHz + or – 0.05 db
•Gain MM 34 dB MC 26dB MM + MC 60dB
•Hum and noise MM greater than 80 dB, MC greater than 66
•Distortion 0.05 % IM and THD
•Overload MM 0.52 volts, MC 0.025 volts @ 1000 Hz
•Input Impedance MM 47,000 ohms, MC 1000 ohms
•Size 192mm W x 78mm x H 52mm D280
•Weight 2.3Kg’s


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