And ‘Most Interesting Tech Award’ goes to Yayuma for their wizardy box of tricks…heard the dem and am looking forward to trying it in our system to see what it does in a non-show environment.


If you are a new brand wanting to know how to but a room together at an exhibition then go and check out the Warsaw Show, they give the punters what they want, stunning rooms with great sounds and a real sense of occasion. The organisation of the show was excellent, both for press and trade and for the attendees, we can’t thank the organisers enough for opening our eyes to this show. Audio Video Show Warsaw is a ‘Must Attend’ show to ad to the Hifi Pig Hifi Show calendar, Warsaw is up there with Munich, in some ways it’s even better. Add to that the fact that it’s cheap both to exhibit and to attend and it is really a no-brainer. We will definitely be making our way east again in 2017, hopefully see you there!

Linette Smith

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