Chris Sommovigo and Black Cat Cable will be releasing a new series of cable in mid November at an introductory price of $499.95 USD at 1.0mpr (going up to $599.95 in 2018). 

Called “Airwave 3200 Series” the new cables feature the combination of Sommovigo’s “Matrix-32” 4-pole/32-element braid of individually-insulated pure copper conductors and his ‘name’-processed Airwave twisted pair inside a thin-walled pure PTFE air-filled tube.

All is not as it seems with this build,” remarked Sommovigo. “This is hardly an intuitive termination, and it’s fairly time consuming – but the results tell the tale. After 25 years of playing and experimenting with wires and cables, the 3202 was probably the most surprising in terms of outcome – and I was determined to share this with as many audiophiles as possible, so I’ve done my best to keep prices reasonably low and performance exceptionally high.”

High Fidelity Partners Co. LTD. is the parent company for Chris Sommovigo’s various brands of cables and connectors, including Black Cat Cable, Ghostwire, Airwave, Indigo, Airwave 3200 Series, Lovecraft, and XOX. All of their cables are bespoke designs manufactured using a variety of customised machinery and handcraft, and made within the confines of their small, seaside workshop in the Yoshihama neighborhood of Yugawara.




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