Black Cat Cable has announced the launch of its entry-level line of handcrafted cables called Coppertone.

The Coppertone Interconnect, which costs $199.95 for a 1.0m pair plus $50 per additional 1/2m pair, is an air-dielectric coaxial design employing a helically arranged shield around a thin-walled Teflon tube. Inside the tube is their Nami-processed bare copper conductor. Nami is the Black Cat process that forms a sinusoidal “wave” shape into the conductor, allowing it to remain suspended in air. The cables are terminated with REAN RCA connectors.

The Coppertone Speaker Cable costs $299.95 for a 2.5m pair and is a “tube-within-a-tube” coaxial arrangement of tin-plated copper in helically laid thin tubes, separated by a multifilament nylon braided insulator. Each pole consists of 144 strands, terminated with banana plugs. The Coppertone USB Cable costs $149.95 for 1.0m plus $50 per additional 1/2m. It is a traditional USB cable consisting of a twisted pair of data-lines, a power line and a ground line all within a multi-layered complex of shields and terminated with USB A + USB B connectors.



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