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The Black Rhodium Cantata stereo interconnect, which uses palladium conductor wires, has been one of Black Rhodium’s top cables in their range for some years.

The design has changed over the years as new knowledge has been applied to the construction but has always used DCT ++ CS cryogenically treated pure palladium wire. The latest design cannot be used for balanced XLR cables. The Black Rhodium Cantata S RCA interconnect now employs design techniques developed for the construction of the brand’s Charleston loudspeaker cable.

Black Rhodium Cantata S RCA Interconnect

The Black Rhodium Cantata S RCA Interconnect costs £5000 for a 1m pair


The Black Rhodium Cantata S RCA is, say the British brand, a ‘supercharged’ version of Cantata.


Graham Nalty of Black Rhodium told us: “Since we last bought palladium wire, the price has rocketed. When we replace our present stock we will have to increase our prices by a large amount. We have decided to seek out all sources of palladium wire from our stock of old models not yet sold, serviced stock and test cables. We have used the wire in Cantata cables of the highest quality. These are advertised at lengths slightly shorter than our standard lengths for identification. All these cables have been given their own individual serial number for the correct identification of stereo pairs”.


Black Rhodium has carried out research over decades to discover metal conductor wires that give the best sound when used for audio cables. Graham explained further “A brief summary of that research is that the most expensive wires to manufacture give the best sound quality. It is as simple as that, but with no easy scientific explanation. Precious metals, such as palladium or platinum, deliver a far clearer sound than all other less expensive wires we have ever auditioned. The very high cost of precious metal wires means that they can only be used for interconnect cables that carry extremely small currents. Even then the wire will be a very small diameter that will need to be protected from mechanical stresses by other elements of the cable and the cable price will be at the high end of any product range. Thankfully the sound quality justifies the cost”.


Cantata RCA 0.45 m pair x 3

Cantata S RCA 0.8 m pair x 1

Cantata S RCA 0.9 m pair x 4

Cantata S RCA 1.5 m pair x 1

Cantata S Digital 0.8 m x 1

The optimum length for Cantata S is a 1m pair. For lengths of 0.75 m and less Black Rhodium advise using the Cantata RCA without the ‘S’ option as it is more flexible. For lengths of 1.5m and more, the weight of the Cantata S may require extra support for the cable.

A 1m pair of Black Rhodium Cantana S is £5000, a 1.5m pair is £7000

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