British cable manufacturer, Black Rhodium, Polka Classic has been developed from the Foxtrot / Quickstep / Waltz series of cables, just as the original Polka, but with a different approach. Whereas the original Polka had a much larger cable area, Black Rhodium say that the Polka Classic “has been designed especially for classical music with a lesser influence on conductor size and greater emphasis on conductor and material quality”.

Rhodium Plated Connectors

Polka Classic is terminated with rhodium plated ‘Straight Line Contact’ GN-1 4mm plugs designed by Graham Nalty.

Specifications of Black Rhodium Polka Classic

Silver Plated copper stranded conductors

Silicone rubber Insulation

British manufacture of core cable

Braided screen

Vibration damped along its whole length

Rhodium plated 4mm plugs designed by Graham Nalty

Rhodium plated spade termination available on request

Cable assembled by hand in England

Retail Prices, terminated with rhodium plated ‘Straight Line Contact’ plugs: 2m pair £1200.00, 3m pair £1600.00 and 5m pair £2600.00.



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