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MCRU are the UK’s leading dealer for Black Rhodium cables. Designed in the UK and a true made in Great Britain company, Blacksambavs1 Rhodium make some of the finest sounding cables in hi-fi.

To celebrate their latest award winning cable review of the Samba VS-1 loudspeaker cables, MCRU are offering them as a 3 metre stereo pair with a “free” set of  MCRU special edition twist interconnects fitted with KLE Copper Harmony RCA plugs, a deal not to be missed.

The Samba VS-1 is £599 for a 3 metre stereo pair, the SE twist interconnects are a 1.5 metre stereo pair.

The latest review of the Samba VS-1 is here.  

Quotes on the Samba VS-1……

“. . very open, clean and expansive image.”

“The cable comes across as very neutral with a hint of extra treble extension. .”

“Bass control is excellent and highly tuneful. . .”

“. .it’s the ‘see through’ quality of the stereo image that feels most special here.”

“Stevie’s lush organ notes, rich vocals, funky bass rifts and explosive rim shots are all beautifully layered in a highly transparent and very wide sound stage.”

“. . . the Samba easily makes sense of the pile driving bass riff, thunderous drums, searing electric buzz-sawing vocals, enabling previously unappreciated acoustic guitars and congas to come through cleanly.”

“. . it works brilliantly with stripped out material.”

“It almost seems to gently aid the contrast of your music, enabling midband detail and vocals in particular to press slightly forward out of the mix, while deeper bass and the gaps between the notes take a step backwards.”

“Silences subjectively seem a little darker but no detail is lost.”

“ . . .this added level of contrast enables fine details around the decay of notes to ebb away much more convincingly.”

“This cable performs even stronger with valve amplification.’

“The quality of the midband communication comes nto its own and the extended treble detail and bass control lend support where most needed with valves.”

“The Samba VS-1 is ideally suited to orchestral music and classical fans will appreciate its ability to tease out complex layers of rich instrumentation.”

“. . it is equally at home with more intimate music where the perceived low distortion enables subtle

voices and acoustic instruments to communicate their full emotional content.”

The cables come with our usual 30 day money back guarantee.


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