Symphony 18 is the new replacement for the very popular Black Rhodium Symphony which has been discontinued.

Whilst searching for an alternative cable source to replace the Symphony cable, Black Rhodium engineers decided to test an alternative approach of using a similar cable with less advanced specification, but to apply some of the proprietary Black Rhodium ‘Distortion Busting’ technology that had been applied higher up the range. The chosen cable offered the additional advantage of 110 Ohm impedance for AE/EBU balanced digital cables.

Symphony 18 is assembled at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using a special 110 Ohm screened cable sheathed in an attractive, absorbent outer braid.

Black Rhodium Symphony 18 will be introduced into the new INTRO product range, designed to deliver a highly musical sound quality at affordable prices.

The launch of the INTRO product range is an integral part of Black Rhodium’s initiative to simplify the number of different products and to relate them to Black Rhodium’s marketing ambitions. In brief, the Black Rhodium INTRO range will include up to 4 different products all  aimed towards a limited budget.

The design features of Symphony 18 include:

  • High quality gold plated RCA plugs with ‘Hourglass Silhouette’ profile that are easier to grip when connecting behind equipment
  • Black Rhodium’s high quality rhodium plated XLR connectors for enhanced sound quality for users of balanced equipment
  • Low ‘Proximity Effect’ magnetic distortion due to greater separation than usual between conductors due to 110 Ohm impedance.
  • Use of silver solder in terminations


  • Capacitance of RCA cable for 1m length ; 74 pF
  • Capacitance of XLR cable +ve to –ve; 38pF
  • Capacitance of XLR cable signal to ground; 60pF
  • Weight of RCA 1m stereo pair:  165g
  • Weight of XLR 1m stereo pair; 245g
  • Attractive black contoured outer jacket
  • Outer diameter: 7.1 mm


0.5m RCA Stereo pair          £160.00

1.0m RCA Stereo pair          £180.00

1.0m RCA Tone Arm cable   £200.00

0.5m XLR Stereo pair           £205.00

1.0m XLR Stereo pair           £245.00

1.5m XLR Stereo pair           £285.00

3.0m Sub Woofer able         £220.00

5.0m Sub Woofer cable       £300.00

0.5m Musiclink 3.5mm           £60.00

1.0m Musiclink 3.5mm           £80.00

2.0m 3.5mm Extension         £120.00


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