This month sees the launch of the new 600 Series Anniversary Edition, the seventh generation of 600 Series loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins. The new range features new and improved components at an accessible price point.

For 25 years, the 600 Series has been an affordable introduction to the Bowers & Wilkins family of loudspeakers. The new range is the company’s second-longest continuously available series after the 800 Series Diamond. The new 600 Series Anniversary Edition range has followed this same path offers significant component improvements over the sixth version of the 600 Series, itself introduced in 2018.

The new B&W 600 Anniversary Series of loudspeakers

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Anniversary Edition

The 600 Series Anniversary Edition range features four models, adding new oak and, in APAC markets, red cherry finishes to complement the existing matte black or matte white finishes.

All Anniversary Edition speakers also include a new celebratory logo inscribed on the tweeter surround in either light or dark finishes, depending on the colour of the rest of the speaker.

The new range includes ‘S2’ specification Anniversary Edition versions of the 607, 606, 603 and the dedicated HTM6 centre channel speaker, while the existing ASW608, ASW610 & ASW610XP subwoofers plus the STAV24 S2 speaker stand continue unchanged. There’s also 600 Series Anniversary Edition Theatre home cinema package, based on the 603 S2, 607 S2 and HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition speakers, partnered by the ASW610 subwoofer.

Upgraded Crossover

Acoustic performance upgrades come from upgraded crossovers in every model. New bypass capacitors are used across the new Anniversary Series: these have been specially treated by Mundorf and were originally used for the recently launched 700 Series Signature range.

In addition, the main high-frequency and mid-frequency capacitors have been upgraded with new, improved designs.

“The 600 Series Anniversary Edition is a classic example of Bowers & Wilkins thinking” said Andy Kerr, Director of Product Marketing & Communications. “By using our unique, in-house-developed components and technology from higher ranges, we can raise the performance of our entry-level product to new heights and for a very modest premium. The 600 Series has been setting the standard in its category for 25 years and we’re confident our new Anniversary Edition range will carry on that tradition in style.”


The Range

603 S2 Anniversary Edition – £1,499/$1,999/€1799

A floorstanding speaker featuring the Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter, a 150mm (6”) FST Continuum Cone midrange driver plus two 165mm (6.5”) paper-cone bass drivers.

606 S2 Anniversary Edition – £599/$899/€749

Suitable for stand-mount or bookshelf use, this compact combines the Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter technology with a 165mm (6.5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass driver.

607 S2 Anniversary Edition – £449/$699/€599

Compact stand-mount or bookshelf speaker with 130mm (5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass driver.

HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition – £449/$799/€599

A compact centre-channel speaker featuring the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter plus dual 130mm (5”) Continuum Cone mid/bass drivers.

STAV24 S2 floorstand – £119/$199/€150 (per pair)

24in stand suitable for use with both 607 S2 and 606 S2 Anniversary Edition

ASW608, ASW610 and ASW610XP – £419/$499 /€450, £519 /$799 /€600, £849 /$1499 /€1100,

Completing the range are three subwoofers carried over unchanged from the sixth generation.

600 Series Anniversary Edition Theatre – £2916/$4296/€3597

5.1 speaker package featuring 603 S2, 607 S2, HTM6 S2 Anniversary Edition plus the ASW610 active subwoofer.

Available in matte black or matte white.

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