Technology has made some major advancements since the iconic Braun wall unit, Wandanlage, began development in 1961. And now, 60 years later, Virgil Abloh has reimagined it in a one-off project for 2021.


The one-of-a-kind project coincides with the brand’s 100th anniversary celebrations. Virgil carefully analysed every detail of the original blueprints and used his personal influences to build a piece of “functional art” that aligns with the intrinsic Braun idea of good design being built to last. The metallic finish of the 2021 version is a visual manifestation of the parallels between Braun’s polished chrome design aesthetic – such as the 1960 SM3 shaver and 1961 T1 toaster – and the high shine of Virgil Abloh’s cultural and musical references of the past 100 years.

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

The Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition by Virgil Abloh


A remix track by Chicago architect, designer, musician and philanthropist Virgil Abloh, (artistic director for Louis Vuitton men’s wear and CEO of his Milan-based luxury fashion label Off-White), is also available on his Soundcloud to bring the Braun ethos of good design to life: “It’s timeless and meant to be appreciated and enjoyed over time.”

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

The tape section of the Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

Virgil Abloh says of the partnership: “I have always had a deep appreciation for Braun design.  For the brand’s 100 years, I jumped at the opportunity to reimagine this iconic Braun product and challenge what we have come to expect from design.  The “functional art” piece co-curated with Braun Design not only highlights the original function of the hifi wall unit that was the best audio of its time, but also the quality and durable materials that are built to last.  As a creator, I continue to question how art is perceived in today’s culture. ‘Functional art’ is a lasting legacy of the enduring power of good design that is simple, useful and built to last.  In so doing, it advances the frames of design references beyond design ‘purists’ to broader audiences.”

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition detail

With the collaboration comes a short film following Virgil at Farnsworth House (designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) as he explains his design process behind the reimagined Wandanlage.  In a nod to his practice as a DJ, Virgil has also curated a bespoke remix composition titled ‘Internationalism’ so design ‘purists’ and broader audiences can experience the musical inspiration behind the collaboration.

The eclectic track embodies a ‘genre-less’ approach to music, something that Virgil has spoken about before in reference to his musical taste, commenting: “Eclectic, genre-less, longevity, connection, using sound to paint pictures. I always have music on in the background of everything I do. My musical tastes know no boundaries; they don’t fit within a box or a category, very much so in the same way that I or my work don’t just sit in one space. ‘Internationalism’ is a diverse and varied track, yet cohesive in its sentiment. To me, this track exemplifies the Braun ethos of good design – it’s timeless and meant to be appreciated and enjoyed over time.”

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

The original Braun Wandanlage from 1961

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition

Braun Wandanlage 2021 100th Anniversary Edition


And so you can have your own little piece of Braun history, they have also launched the Braun Audio 100 Years White Edition LE03 wireless speaker at 399€

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