Devialet has announced DIALOG and PHANTOM (1690 EUR) (pictured), the new Devialet “revolutions” phantom_devialet

DIALOG is an intelligent audio router which, in association with the new Devialet application, is said to make your life easier:
– unique interface combining all your digital contents (stored or online) in an intuitive and smooth way, whatever the file formats (from MP3 to HD audio)
– communication and synchronisation between your Devialet products throughout your home, via a dedicated and powerful network which is open to all your guests
– accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer, DIALOG is compatible with all Devialet products*.

PHANTOM is a wireless “Implosive Sound Center”, that can be used stand-alone or together in your preferred music, home theatre or multi-zone set-up. Phantom is said to be the result of over three years of R&D and combines all the Devialet exclusive technologies (including ADH® and SAM®), miniaturized into a small enclosure, as well as brand new, acoustical technology, HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion). “It produces an ultra-dense sound which you don’t just hear, you feel it!” say Devialet

Along with the D-Premier, the Devialet 120, 200, 250, 400 et 800, DIALOG and PHANTOM make up the new Devialet audio eco-system.

More news when we have it.


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