In a world that is becoming ever more geared towards an online experience there are some people that are looking to take us back to a time when you could interact with real sales people and experience what you are looking to buy before actually handing over your hard earned. It’s refreshing then to see that David Brook (Of MCRU fame) has seen the potential in adding a bricks and mortar presence to his portfolio in the shape of his new shop Brook Audio on Brook Street (a coincidence David tells us) in the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. Asking David about the move he said that human interaction is still alive in the audiophile world and people of a certain age prefer the personal touch which a proper shop provides.

The shop is well presented from the outside and once inside there is a small sales area showing off some of the products David sells (and a good selection of vinyl), but it is down stairs most people will be interested in.

A flight of stairs takes you down to a very well proportioned demonstration room that is light and airy, despite being without windows. There’s a large equipment rack on the far wall and speakers fire down the length of the room. David has managed to create a space that is convivial and homelike to provide customers with a room that they will instantly feel at home in.

Hifi Pig applauds this move and wishes David and his team all the best with this new venture.


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