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An expanded Burning Amp Festival 2021 returns, after a year of Covid lockdown, on October 16th and 17th at Fort Mason Center on the bay in San Francisco.

This will be the 13th Burning Amp Festival which has, since 2007, provided a forum for Do-It-Yourselfers and audio hobbyists to meet, learn, and show off their projects.

Burning Amp Festival 2021

Build Camp at the last Burning Amp Festival in 2019


Saturday at Burning Amp will feature seminars by Bob Cordell and Demian Martin. Bob Cordell is an engineer and author of “Designing Audio Power Amplifiers”.  Demian Martin is an audio product designer and holds numerous patents.  Also on Saturday will be a Build Camp of a new amplifier design by Nelson Pass featuring unique devices and a super simple circuit.

Sunday is the main event with DIY’ers showing off their projects in Building C, and presentations in the Firehouse, capped off by an auction and raffle for donated items.


Confirmed for Sunday presentations are Steven Dear (a researcher in audio neurophysiology and perception) on the science behind audio perception, and as always, Nelson Pass of Pass Labs and FirstWatt will be updating the festival-goers on his latest designs for the DIY community.

For more information and links for this and many, many other HiFi Shows and HiFi Events worldwide, check out the HiFi Pig Diary page.

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