Burson Audio announce a new division, Supreme Sound Audio Components.

Built to the same standards as all Burson Audio products, Supreme Sound Audio focuses on providing components for DIYers and OEM audio manufacturers.

“We’ve often been asked how we test our own Supreme Sound Op-amp designs. We’ve constructed a powerful, totally transparent in-house op-amp test platform that makes it easy to hear the actual sound of any single or dual op-amp you plug into it. Switching op-amps is a snap with absolutely no soldering! We call it the Lycan” says the Australian company’s recent press release.Burson_Lycan

Marking the launch of SSA Burson are offering for sale their Lycan Op-Amp Test Bench so you too can hear the difference between op-amps and discrete circuits… in a snap! It delivers over 2wpc @16ohm and the kit drives any headphone. SSA will continue development and add-ons will be released in the future.

The Lycan Test Bench includes a powerful headphone amp and an input section allowing you to roll op-amps…not just Burson Op Amps!

The Lycan Op-Amp Headphone amp and Preamp is shipping early September at $249USD without op-amps and $299USD with SSA op-amps. If you preorder and place a deposit, Supreme Sound Audio will take $50USD off when the unit is ready to ship. The offer ends the 1st of September, 2015.


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