Burson Audio’s Funk is a 3Wpc fully discrete head amp and 45Wpc Stereo Speaker amp. The Burson Funk has been designed specifically for near-field listening from a desktop speaker, gaming or in a small room. It is extra quiet and with an extra-fine volume control.

Although you might assume that it’s a Class-D amplifier when seeing the size of the Funk, it is actually a traditional Class-AB amplifier from the Melbourne, Australia based brand.

The Burson Funk features a Class A Headphone Amp

Cool Stand

As an AB amp runs hot, Burson Funk has a Cool Stand, which supports the Funk vertically, saving even more desktop space and further enhancing the heat dissipation of this Class-A head amp and Class-AB stereo amp.

The Burson Funk with its Cool Stand

Class A Headphone Amp

Funk’s headphone amp is a fully discrete Class-A, a single-ended version of Burson’s Soloist 3X Performance. By rolling opamps, you can tune its headphone output to match your cans while independently adjust its speaker output to match your speakers. With its mic bypass, The Funk works with any gaming headsets, and it works as an add-on for any high-end soundcards.

Burson Funk rear panel

Price And Availability

For a limited time, if you order the Basic NE5532 version at $544 USD, you will receive the Deluxe version valued at $744 USD. The Deluxe version includes a pair of Burson V6 Vivid Dual opamps and a Burson Cool Stand. Value totalling $245 USD

Burson Audio Funk is designed for nearfield listening

Pre-Order offer ends on the 1st of March. Delivery by the end of March.

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