Burson have announced a June launch for their Timekeeper amplifier. It is an 80W per channel Class-AB stereo Timekeepers_x2_45d_front(W)power amp which can be bridged into a 240W mono block and is the same size as the company’s Conductor preamplifier.

There is a growing community of desktop audiophiles and the Timekeeper is very much aimed at this group of users. Burson say that these audiophiles want “high-end equipment that are desktop friendly and given the compact size of the Timekeeper amplifier they will not be disappointed”.


The Timekeeper looks to be a versatile bit of kit and you can have it running in stereo, then upgrade to 2 Timekeepers as you move from a desktop system to large room listening and from RCA systems to XLR systems.


Every bit of the Timekeeper is custom designed and built to achieve Burson’s “definition of perfection”.

Price $2600

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