We don’t usually bring you news about massive TV screens but the new range from C SEED caught our eye.

They are designed for more space-restricted outdoor settings and use unfolding LED columns, with five columns making up the 144 inch set. The outdoor TVs can be installed in existing poolside or terrace spaces. After activation by the remote control, the cover slides open to raise the black monolith in only 15 seconds to reach its full height. In a “butter­fly-like movement”, five LED panels unfold with a diagonal of 144” (3.65 meters).

In case you need entertainment on your yacht as well as poolside, C SEED have produced the Supermarine range.  The TV has a unique hydraulic drive system, a combination of vertical and horizontal drives retracts the whole  201/144 inch screen into a shallow compartment of only 78cm (31 inch) depth, saving space on and below decks. The speakers are built into one-piece metal casings, machined out of massive blocks of aluminium and are also fully retractable.


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