Cabasse is introducing new colours to the MT32 range of loudspeakers to bring contemporary finishes to the range. The MT32 range will now be available in a gloss white and gloss black to bring the modern look to the speakers.JERSEY mt32 GB-GW overview HD2

The MT32 range includes four models, for use in two-channel or multi-channel systems: the Alderney and Jersey floorstanders, Antigua stand-mount model, Socoa centre channel and a complementary active subwoofer, the Orion.

Christophe Cabasse comments, “The MT 32 range is perfectly faithful to the Cabasse principles of coherency between direct and reflected sounds, respect of timbre and dynamic range, deep and stable soundstage, musicality and live-sound. Be it the radio, internet, high definition networked audio files or multichannel tracks on the home cinema, all formats have been taken into account, in order to offer, each and every time, musicality, precision and realism.” He concludes, “Now the range has more colours to choose from, they are sure to fit perfectly in any surrounding”.


Prices                                                 MSRP (inc. VAT)

Alderney MT32 (floorstanding)           £1199 per pair in glossy black/white or ebony/walnut

Jersey MT32 (floorstanding):              £899 per pair in glossy black/white or ebony/walnut

Antigua MT32 (stand mount):             £499 per pair in glossy black/white or ebony/walnut

Socoa MT32 (centre channel):           £339 per unit in glossy black/white or ebony/walnut


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