Connected Distribution, the exclusive UK Cabasse distributor, is introducing The Pearl Sub, a 2.1 connected active subwoofer with DSP sound and room optimisation and high-resolution music streaming.

The Pearl Sub follows the global release of the Pearl and Pearl Akoya streaming speakers, sharing the familiar Cabasse spherical form and incorporating high resolution streaming capabilities. Containing all the amplification for a 2.1 system, it has been designed to partner the firm’s iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 speakers.

The Cabasse Pearl Sub

25cm Woofer

A 25cm carbon fibre woofer, with 30mm linear excursion and 1000 watts (RMS) provides deep bass. In addition to the high-power sub amp, the left and right channels each benefit from 300W (RMS) amplifiers. The entire system is calibrated using Cabasse’s DEAP and CRCS technologies, optimising the signal according to which speakers are connected and providing room correction for the low frequency performance.

Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal

The 2.1 system is a complete hifi. Its built-in streaming allows the user to connect to services such as Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. The Pearl Sub includes digital optical, RCA analogue, Ethernet, USB connectors and Bluetooth to facilitate use of external sources such as a turntable, or to access music stored on a network or phone. It integrates perfectly into the Cabasse Stream CONTROL multi-room system and allows playback of all types of audio files: from MP3 to ultra-high-definition FLAC files, whether they are stored on hard drives, streamed from internet radio or from online music services. The high-quality DAC is capable of decoding signals up to 768kHz/32bits.

The Cabasse Pearl Sub rear connections

In addition to the Stream CONTROL app the Pearl Sub is supplied with an ergonomically designed Bluetooth remote control, allowing easy and intuitive control of the subwoofer to adjust the volume, select the input, play and pause and select a radio station. The entire system can also be controlled using Google Voice Assistant.

The 320mm, reinforced double shell of the sphere is sprayed with four coats of matt paint It is adorned with a silver trim ring and a magnetic grille featuring the Cabasse logo. The Pearl Sub sits on a folded chrome-plated steel base that suspends it in the air.

La Sphere

The three partnering speakers have also undergone improvements and upgrades. The Baltic 5 is the only three-way coaxial satellite loudspeaker available. This fifth-generation version is equipped with a triaxial TCA loudspeaker taken from the Cabasse flagship, La Sphère.

Riga 2 is a compact satellite speaker equipped with a 17cm coaxial driver that will fully satisfy the demands of both music and film enthusiasts, and delight listeners with its discretion and elegance.

The Cabasse Pearl Sub with Riga 2 speakers

iO3 is the latest version of the brand’s best-seller. This very compact and powerful lifestyle speaker benefits from a new design and a new mounting system for on-wall, on-base or stand installation.

Each of the satellite speaker models come in a variety of finishes: matt black stand with a matt black base. wood stand with a matt black base. matt black stand with a matt white base and a wood stand with a matt white base.

Price And Availability

The Cabasse Pearl Sub and iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 will be available in the UK from December.

Prices – packages are discounted by 10% from the individual component prices

The Pearl Sub £3,499 inc. VAT

The Pearl Sub + iO3 on stand £5,299 inc. VAT

The Pearl Sub + Riga 2 on stand £9,499 inc. VAT

The Pearl Sub + Baltic 5 on stand £12,499 inc. VAT

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