Campfire Audio have launched two new earphones, Comet ($199) and Atlas ($1299).

The new stainless steel earphone bodies are drop forged and then CNC machined before being hand polished to a mirror finish. Each earphone is assembled by hand in their workshop. Both Atlas (pictured) and Comet feature all new custom driver designs. In addition to custom driver design, Campfire Audio is also working on 3D acoustic modelling.

“Our Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (TAEC) discards a traditional ‘tube & damper’ tuning systems for acoustic tuning without compression.  As a result, high frequencies are extended and open. Recently Campfire Audio introduced new technology for use with dynamic driver designs; Polarity Tuned Chamber™.  3D modelled tuned chambers encapsulate the driver allows for optimal performance and precise tuning. COMET features T.A.E.C.™ technology while ATLAS incorporates our Polarity Tuned Chamber™.” Say Campfire.




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