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Streaming Service Qobuz has released Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica in Hi-Res today for the first time ever.


The Frank Zappa-produced album, and its Hi-Res premiere on Qobuz, are continuations of the partnership between Qobuz and Zappa Records that began earlier this year. In March, Zappa Records, UMe, and Qobuz announced the release of nine Frank Zappa titles in Hi-Res exclusively on Qobuz.

Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica Hi Res On Qobuz

Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica Hi Res on Qobuz


At the time, Ahmet Zappa, representing Zappa Records, said: “Qobuz’s awesome combo platter of Hi-Res Audio and the ability for fans to immerse themselves into the album art of their favorite musicians is an incredible listening experience and a perfect fit for Zappa Records. As far as I’m concerned, the ‘z’ in Qobuz stands for Zappa and we know fans of the ‘World’s Finest Optional Entertainment’ are going to love the Zappa Qobuz experience. As FZ said: ‘Music is the Best!’”

And now, regarding Trout Mask Replica, he has added: “Captain Beefheart is and always will be one of my favorite musical heroes.  It brings me intense ‘platypus’-filled happiness to have Trout Mask Replica finally available in hi-res for everyone’s digital enjoyment.”


Trout Mask Replica will be available exclusively on Qobuz over the next four weeks, and joins a wide range of other premier content on the platform including Hi-Res downloads, long-form essays, album reviews, and liner notes.

Dan Mackta commented on the release of Trout Mask Replica in Hi-Res, and the continuing partnership with Zappa Records: “Trout Mask is a legendary album from an iconic artist, and Qobuz is beyond proud to have been chosen to premiere it’s re-introduction to the world in previously unavailable Hi-Res quality. Don’t forget to check out the digital booklet!”

Ritch Sibthorpe, Managing Director, Qobuz UK added: “We’re honoured to provide Captain Beefheart fans in the UK with the chance to listen to this iconic album in the highest possible quality. Thanks to Ahmet Zappa and Dan Mackta for making this a reality and providing yet another fine treat for music fans.”

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