Cary Audio will be exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The 2012 edition of this show, America’s largest consumer presentation of high-performance audio systems, will be held at the Denver Tech Center Marriott from October 12-14. Cary Audio will have two rooms with full systems on display as well as hosting a booth in the Marketplace to display Audio Electronics by Cary Audio products, our subsidiary line of lower cost gear.

Cary Audio will partner with German loudspeaker manufacturer Adam Audio in Tower Room 8025 to present two live systems on demo. The main system will feature Cary Audio’s signature SLP-05 tube preamplifier, a pair of SA-500.1 monoblock amplifiers, and a CD-303T SACD/CD/DAC playing discs and operating as a DAC for high-resolution music files from a computer. Adam Audio’s new Gamma Mk2 from its Tensor range will be the primary speakers, with a pair of Classic Columns too. These speakers all feature Adam Audio’s proprietary take on the folded Air Motion Transformer tweeter and midrange, and HexaCone woofers. This main system will also be powered by cables by Claru.

A second smaller system will also be available for listening, comprising a pair of Adam Audio Classic Compact monitors driven by the new Audio Electronics Constellation preamplifier and Hercules power amplifier. These new tube products will be making their American public debut here at RMAF. The source for this system will be an iPod in a Wadia digital dock, playing lossless music files. It will also drive the new Cary Audio HH-1 hybrid and Audio Electronics Nighthawk solid-state headphone amplifiers, with a pair of AKG K702 headphones for listening.


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