The new DAC-200ts is no exception and represents our best digital product yet say Cary Audio! DAC_Cary_Audio

The new DAC is “packed with features like TruBit™ upsampling” and  utilises a 128 bit DSP engine that expands native bit depths to 32 bits and upsamples incoming rates to 1 of 7 selectable sample rates, up to 768 kHz.

Whether a signal is upsampled or left native, the signal is clocked several times with Cary’s OSO™ reclocking, then sent to 4 independent DACs for 8 channels of processing. Cary say that “using multiple parallel DACs ensures that the process of converting a true balanced or single ended digital signal will retain all the musicality stored within while transitioning it to a pure analogue signal that sounds like analogue!”

The analogue section of the DAC-200ts is uses Cary’s Dual Independent Output (DiO™) analogue topology utilising a separate solid state output stage and a separate vacuum tube output stage. “Not to be confused with a hybrid design where a circuit always has the same sound characteristic, the separate independent analogue output stages allow you to tailor the sound of the DAC-200ts to your source material with the simple touch of one button” says the company’s recent press release.  It continues “Having the ability to enhance the sound characteristics of the DAC-200ts to match your source material means maximum flexibility for maximum sonic benefit. Not only is the DAC-200ts a reference level digital source unit; it can also be used as a digital preamplifier using its 3.0 volt variable volume output. What’s more, a clock input allows for the use of an external master clock, or using the clock output allows the DAC-200ts to function as a master clock for other digital sources capable of a master clock input”.

The DAC-200ts supports super high resolution Asynchronous USB computer audio meaning PCM up to 32 bit/ 384 kHz as well as native DSD 64, 128, and 256 audio. Additionally, the DAC-200ts includes; CSR aptX® lossless Bluetooth, SPDIF coaxial and Toslink inputs, AES/EBU input and both fully balanced XLR and RCA outputs. Large VFD display, full function remote control, and Ethernet and Wi-Fi for control systems are also included.

Weight:  28 lbs.

Dimensions:  3.75″ H x 17.25″ W x 16.25 ” D

DAC-200ts Retail Price:  $3,995

The DAC-200ts will begin shipping on April 9, 2015.


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