For 20 years, Cary Audio have been making their SLI-80 vacuum tube integrated amplifier. It’s had many variants over the years, some enhancements under the hood and some in style.

Cary are paying homage to the past in keeping the “SLI” moniker with the brand new SLI-100. Putting the SLI-80 and the SLI-100 side by side, one can still see the roots of the SLI-100 in the SLI-80.. From the off-set output transformers and front panel controls, the SLI-100 looks familiar.

The SLI-100 is a dual mono design and utilises the KT150 tube in its circuit delivering 100 watts of push-pull ultra-linear power. The SLI-100 has four line inputs and a headphone jack. The headphone jack in the SLI-100 is fed a pure musical signal directly from the amplifier’s output. The SLI-100 comes standard with a removable cage cover and has a list price of $5,995.




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