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Melco S100 is a network switch aimed at audiophiles that are serious about their streaming system and their network. Chris Baillie tries it out for HiFi Pig.

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The ADOT MC01 Fibre Network Kit converts your ethernet signal using copper wires into a signal using fibre optics and is said claimed to have several benefits for the serious digitally-inclined audiophile. Chris Baillie takes a listen for HiFi Pig. More »


Stuart Smith tries on the new Erzetich Mania headphones costing €1199 for size. More »

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SparkoS Labs Inc. claim to be a company with a canine CEO. John Scott finds out if their Aries preamp/headphone amplifier at £2995 provides paws for thought.

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Ken Stokes gets isolated with British brand Lateral Audio Stands.

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Ferrum is a Polish manufacturer with just two products under their belt, the OOR headphone amplifier and the product we have in for review here, the HYPSOS power supply costing €995/$995. The HYPSOS is suitable for a wide range of products but in this review Dave Robson checks the product out with his Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.

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The SS-6 from Italian brand Solidsteel is a tripod design speaker stand costing around £480 in the UK. Stuart Smith has a listen to various loudspeakers on them. More »

Hifi Pig review of the Titan Audio’s Force Field Module that is designed to reduce the effects of RMI, EMI, and Wi-Fi interference in Audio systems. More »

I’m a recent and evangelical user of Roon, and couldn’t imagine an audio life without it. However, I wanted to explore the possibility of getting Roon connectivity using the ridiculously cheap Raspberry Pi computer – a route I’d been very wary of in the past.

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The Origin Live Cartridge Enabler is a £25 piece of felt that fits between cartridge and headshell and comes with felt and nylon washers. In this Quickie Review, Stuart Smith gives it a spin. More »

The iFi Power Station is, as its name may well suggest to many, a mains purifier and distribution block. It costs £499. Janine Elliot plumbs it into her system.  More »

Ian Ringstead checks out the £429 Pro-ject VC-S2 –ALU Record Cleaning Machine.

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The Degritter ultrasonic record cleaning machine is made in Estonia and pretty much wholly automated. Stuart Smith takes this £2275 machine for a spin…cycle.

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Atacama is a well known UK-based manufacturer of Hifi racks and furniture, in this review for Hifi Pig Dan Worth places their Special Edition 2 rack, costing £199 per level, into his system. More »

The HEXMAT Yellow Bird Isolator is a record mat, but a record mat with a difference given its’ unusual design. It costs £115 including delivery and Alan McIntosh was keen to give it a whirl.

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Kiran Ram takes a listen to the diminutive Adapt portable DAC from Dense and costing $209.99.

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A new range of platter mats from Sonic Voice and with UK Distribution by HiFi System Components Ltd. has arrived so Janine Elliot takes a listen.

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As a bit of a departure for Hifi Pig Janine Elliot checks out this unusual and innovative personal surround-sound set up called the JBL Soundgear BTA and costing just shy of £200. More »

Linette Smith gets into the groove with the Ultrasonic record cleaner KA-RC-1 from Kirmuss Audio.  More »

Nasotec Swing Headshell 202A1 is a novel approach to achieving better results from your vinyl replay system. It costs £305 and here Janine Elliot gives it a try for Hifi Pig. More »

Ever fallen asleep whilst listening to records and woke up hours later with your precious cartridge playing the run-out groove? Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lifter (US$259 as reviewed) could well be the answer to your dreams… More »

Pro-Ject is very well known for their large range of turntables and is now expanding into the record cleaning market with a vacuum cleaning machine and this, the £55 Sweep-IT E which gets rid of dust by brushing the vinyl as it is being played. Harry Smith gives it a spin.  More »

DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner is a £75 box with urethane gel inside to trap dust when you lower your stylus on to it.  More »

Is messy mains mucking up your Mahler? Richard Stevenson turns main conditioning and regeneration convert with Isotek’s eye-wateringly priced flagship EVO3 Super Titan 20A (£9 995) (A super Titan 32A is available at £11 995) and EVO3 Genesis (£18 495) models. Is £28 500 a buck too far for perfect power? Probably not… More »

Eight little feet that sit around your platter and which your record is placed on from English company MCRU and costing £24. Janine Elliot takes a listen.  More »