Amadeus will be demonstrating the ‘Philharmonia’ flagship HIFI speakers at ‘High End’ Munich show May 18-21 – the speakers were initially co-designed by world renowned architect Jean Nouvel for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios. More »

Be sure to find Joseph Audio in Room E209 on the upper level of Atrium 4 where they will be with Alluxity and Purist Audio Design.  More »

Room D104, Atrium A3.1 at this year’s Munich High End will host the first models in Primare’s new product range, each featuring Prisma, Primare’s new whole-home, high fidelity control and connectivity solution. More »

At High End 2017, held at Munich’s MOC from May 18-21, Sennheiser will showcase selected models from its audiophile portfolio. They will have the new HDV 820 headphone amplifier on dem’. It has been created to companion to Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones, such as the HD 800 S, which is also on show at HIGH END. As a special highlight, at the Sennheiser booth visitors will be able to experience the Sennheiser HE 1. More »

MBL Akustikgeräte offers 3 celebrated ranges of electronics and 6 models of omnidirectional loudspeakers. At this year’s Munich High End, they will be presenting the most recent additions to the Noble Line series, the N11 Preamplifier and the N15 Mono Block Amplifiers. These two new products will be on active display, powering the company’s 101 E Mk II speakers. More »

Harman Performance Audio Group will be introducing Mark Levinson’s first ever turntable, the No515 on Atrium 4, first floor, room F119 at this year’s High End in Munich. More »

The team at Hafler Dynaco have been in touch to tell us about some new products and  where you can find them at this years High End Show in Munich. More »

This year aqua – acoustic quality will be exhibiting at the Munich High End audio show in Hall 1 booth number D15. More »

After their first loudspeaker, Ensis, which we reviewed here, Aequo Audio has announced the launch of two brand new loudspeakers. The Dutch manufacturer extends their portfolio at both ends with the smaller Stilla and larger Diluvium. More »

O2A cables will be exhibiting at High End Munich 2017 More »

Ortofon will be at the High End as usual displaying a full range of cartridges, including the new MC Windfeld Titanium, a new cartridge in the absolute high-end class. More »

Computer Audio Design’s Ground Controls is designed to tackle noise reduction at the level of signal ground and mains earth. Now, just in time for the 2017 Munich High End Show, the original GC1 is joined by the new larger and more powerful GC3. More »

For the first time Zanden Audio will participate in the High End Munich show from May 18th to the 21st. Zanden will have a static display at the MOC in Halle 4 U19. More »

The 432 Evo Master is 432 Evo’s first music server with their own power supply in a dedicated matching enclosure. More »

The Chord Company, will be demonstrating the benefits of its proprietary ARAY construction and its Taylon® insulation technology, at High End, Munich. More »

Daniel Weiss from Swiss company Weiss got in touch to tell us what they were up to at the Munich High End Show. More »

VAC (Valve Amplification Company) have been in touch with us to tell us what they will be bringing to this year’s High End Show. More »

Auralic will have new products at the High End. More »

Great Britain has a long and illustrious history of Hifi. British brands are household names worldwide and are seen as the benchmark of high quality craftsmanship in the audio world. Check out some of these brands that will be exhibiting at this year’s High-End Show Munich in our special, free to download advertising promotion. These include Atlas, Funk Firm, Graham Slee, Harbeth, Living Voice, PMC, Quadraspire, Tellurium Q, The Chord Company.  More »

Lundahl Transformers contacted us about their High End Munich debut. More »

Hifi Pig Advertising Promotion

Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands exhibiting at High End Munich 2017. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Britain’s best A/V cable manufacturer makes High End debut

The UK’s leading high-performance A/V cable manufacturer, The Chord Company, who has been painstakingly designing and hand-building superior audio cables in Britain for more than 32 years, will be making its show debut at High End this year. A four-strong team of staff will be on hand in Atrium 4.2, F215, to introduce the company’s exciting new ranges and explain the myriad benefits that high-quality cabling can bring to high-end audio. More »

Merging Technlogies most recent press release opens with ‘The introduction of Merging+Nadac and then Merging+Player shook the high end audio world by introducing an Ethernet audio protocol in place of the conventional USB connection. Ravenna offers numerous practical, performance and reliability advantages over USB and the results have been recorded in a series of rave reviews for these products” so how could we not read on? More »

Convert, the guys behind Plato have been in touch to tell us what’s new.  More »

Stenheim’s world renowned Reference Ultime just got a whole lot more accessible and you can experience it in Atrium 4.1 / E106 at this years High End Show in Munich says the Swiss company’s recent press release. More »


The new Apertura Enigma mkII will be unveiled in Room F2014 Arium 4 at this years High end in Munich. More »