French brand, Focal, used High End Munich 2018 to launch its new Grande Utopia EM Evo and Stella Utopia EM Evo loudspeakers. This was another highly popular launch with standing room only for a lot of the world’s Hifi press. More »

Chord Electronics certainly had the world’s Hifi Press beating a path to their door at High End Munich this year.  Their room was so busy that some had to wait outside, luckily Hifi Pig was in there for a first glimpse of their new products. The full team were there and as always it was a pleasure to see them and great to see the iconic British brand in such high demand at the world’s major international Hifi Show. More »

So, what happens when you give the designers at PMC, a company known for its monitor speakers and strong links with pro audio, complete freedom to design a new, flagship pair of speakers?  Well that’s what we were dying to find out as we made our way into the packed press conference in the PMC room at the MOC Munich on Thursday. We were expecting something pretty special as the new speakers were being hyped as PMC’s most significant launch since the BB5 in the early 90’s. More »

Hello from High End Munich 2018.  The show is going brilliantly so far, very busy and some fantastic exhibits.  We have a tradition that has been established over the last few years at the show, our Women In Hifi Facebook group take a little time to get together and meet up for a chat in the relaxed surroundings of the MOC beer garden. More »

The Chord Company will be offering the chance to experience the difference high-quality A/V cabling can make with a range of demonstrations at High End 2018, that showcase the British company’s innovative proprietary technologies. Find The Chord Company at High End: Atrium 4, Room F107 (with distributor DREI H) More »

Check out some of the Great British Brands at High End Munich 2018 in our downloadable promotional feature.

More »



Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands at High End Munich 2018. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Welcome to the world of Music First Audio

 Music First Audio became well known in 2003 for launching the transformer passive preamplifier. Now the range also includes moving coil step up transformers also known as SUT’s, phono amplifiers and power amplifiers. All products are hand built in the UK. More »

For this year’s Munich High-End show, French brand Trinnov has teamed up with several renowned audio manufacturers. To showcase the power of the Trinnov Altitude as a hifi preamp and it’s possibilities when it comes to bi/tri/quad-amplification, they have picked a longtime collaborator and elite speaker brand Bohne audio from Germany. They will complement the Trinnov Altitude with a complete package using their B12/18 speakers with an additional two 18” subs. More »

If you like Italian Hifi then make sure you visit Gold Note. More »

Merrill Audio announce a new high-end amplifier  using Merrill’s proprietary ZXOL design and called the ELEMENT series. More »

Julie and Bradley of UK brand Hifi Racks will be launching a new range at the High End Show this year. More »

Goldmund are being quite secretive about what they will have at Munich… they told us: More »

WAY Cables will perform at the Munich High End Show and present their flagship ‘Poetry’ interconnect cables mostly as a balanced XLR iteration, which will be connecting the DAS ‘HD-Player Model 2‘ as a source and WLM audio amplification, but will also be present as speaker cable to active WLM speakers ‘Maria‘. More »

Rune Skov of Raidho got in touch to tell us their news about their room at High End Munich 2018. More »

Holger Adler of Voxativ from Berlin dropped us a line to say what they are doing at the High End show this year. Holger says: “ We are celebrating 10 years of Pure Listening. Voxativ was born 10 years ago in 2008 with the audacious idea to reimagine the single-driver loudspeaker. From our humble beginnings, we have know become 10 years the wiser – with still so much to share. As part of this anniversary celebration, we are rebirthing the original star that put us on the world stage”. More »

The sNH-10G is a SOtM’s first network switch for every network audio system. It has 8 LAN port and 2 SFP port, the sCLK-EX and the 10MHz master clock connector can be added optionally. More »

Jeff of Joseph Audio got in touch to tell us he will be bringing his Perspective loudspeakers in white to the High End show. More »

We always make sure that we spend time at each High End Munich show having a chat with the brands on the Newcomers stand.  This gives us a chance to give the crystal ball a rub and see into the future of Hifi, so of course when we hear that a brand is going from strength to strength after their first High End, it’s really great news! More »

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