Lee Taylor is the founder of Leema Acoustics, the lead designer and the ‘Lee’ in Leema.
A BAFTA winner, Lee has had an incredible career in music and audio, and following what is (still) the most valuable of audio educations, sound engineering at The BBC, Lee went on to work on some of the BBC’s most popular TV shows including Casualty, Blue Peter and Panorama.
Lee set up Leema Acoustics in 1998 with fellow BBC engineer Mallory Nicholls as a means of further exploring their fanatical interest in audio reproduction. Starting with loudspeakers, the company progressed into electronics, hand-building everything from the Welsh factory. Even its PCBs are made in Wales.

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Russ Andrews is the founder of the well known and well loved UK based retailer selling upgrades, cables and accessories and bearing his own name. Hifi Pig catches up with Russ and asks a few questions of him.

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Lukasz Fikus was a cult figure on the audio scene long before the launch of his wildly successful commercial brand Lampizator. Previously he was known as THE guy that modified common or garden audio products and elevated them to giant-killing stature, now he makes what some believe to be the best audio available right now. Hifi Pig speaks to him. Interviewed in 2019…

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Hifi Pig chats with Kris Sawicki, the man behind the highly popular North West Audio Show which takes place Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June at De Vere Cranage Hall Estate in Holmes chapel in Cheshire, England.

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Kevin Kelly is the Managing Director of Kilmarnock (Scotland) based cable manufacturer Altas Cables. Here we visit their headquarters, take a tour, have a demonstration of their cable range and talk to Kevin about the history of the company, the company’s design philosophy, a teensy bit of football and we avoid studiously the subject of Brexit.

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Dan D’Agostino needs little or no introduction being the legend that he is on the high-end audio scene. Dan D’Agostino was the founder and chief engineer of Krell Industries through 2009 and he is perhaps the audio industry’s most passionate promoter of high-quality, high-powered amplification. His current brand, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, is unmistakable in its appearance with every product carrying his signature.

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Xuanqian Wang, the President and CEO of Auralic speaks to Hifi Pig about the company’s innovative products and what goes into them.

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Phil Wannell has been in the industry for some time and is a well-known face at Hifi shows and events throughout the UK. Recently he has decided to take the leap into self-employment and has founded Audio Concierge, a bespoke service offering portable audio and headfi products to a discerning clientele.

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Angela Cardas is Chief Awesome Officer (yep, you read that right) at Oregon (US) based Cardas Audio. Many will know the company for their cables but they also produce turntable accessories and much more besides. Hifi Pig has a chat with the awesome Angela about the company’s history, what it’s like to be a woman in the Hifi industry and much more.

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Hifi Pig chats with Ricardo Franassovici, the founder and managing director of UK high-end distributor Absolute Sounds about what inspired him to launch the company, what high-end means to him and where he sees the future of high-end audio going.

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Holger Fromme is the man behind the German horn loudspeaker manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustic. Here he talks to Hifi Pig about what drove him to build these speakers and where he sees the role of innovation in loudspeaker design going forward. More »

Kostas Metaxas is the creative powerhouse behind high-end brand Metaxas & Sins. As well as his wonderfully inventive “High-end audio sculptures”, he has an extensive collection of concert recordings from some of the top names in the music world. Not limiting his imagination to the audio world, Kostas also designs for some of the most well-known luxury brands in the world. More »

Alan Clark is the man behind the Yorkshire based loudspeaker manufacturer Kralk Audio. He speaks with Hifi Pig about his hifi career, his thoughts on the industry and Right Said Fred. More »

Mark Fenlon is the founder of Markaudio (raw drivers) and development Director of Markaudio-Sota (finished product using Markaudio raw drivers) tells us all about his industry past, his systems and what he listens to whilst free-fall skydiving.  More »

Hifi Pig talk to Conrad Mas, the man behind the UK based manufacturer AVID Hifi. AVID Hifi are perhaps most well known for their range of turntables and phonostages, but at last year’s Munich High End the company introduced a full range of electronics and loudspeakers…and won the Hifi Pig Loves You Award.  More »

Jonathan Billington is the person behind Music First Audio who make TVC preamplifiers, phonostages, step up transformers, headphone amplifiers and have just opened a dedicated listening listening space called the Music First Studio. Hifi Pig gets Behind The Brands with Jonathan.  More »

Steve Halsall heads up KEF in the UK. Hifi Pig gets Behind the Brands with him, find out about his past and current systems and what he makes of the state of the Hifi industry.  More »

Eunice Kron heads up KR Audio Electronics located in Prauge, Czech Republic, a manufacturer of hand-crafted, high quality tubes (all glass is hand blown) and audio equipment. Hifi Pig goes Behind The Brands with her.  More »

Chris Moon is the owner of HigherFi, the US based company whose claim is to be “the world’s largest online dealer of luxury audio”, but, amongst other things, he’s also a songwriter and producer with 12 Million sales to his name.  Chris is credited with the discovery of the artist Prince, writing of the first hit song (Soft & Wet), naming the artist, teaching him to record and produce in the studio and writing 3 of the 4 songs on the demo tape that got him signed with Warner Bros. Records. He’s  lived with a tribe of “head-hunters” In New Guinea and a whole lot more. More »

Hifi Pig goes Behind The Brands with Brian Morris and Trevor Liddle of House of Linn and BrianandTrevors, audio retailers in the North West of England.  More »

Mike Twomey speaks to Marshall Currier of Lenbrook America. Lenbrook America is located just south of Boston in Sharon, Massachusetts and manages the US distribution of the group’s brands from this location. Brands included are NAD, PSB and Bluesound. Each brand has its own sales direction and promotes its own independent identity. Lenbrook America utilises independent sales representatives throughout the US, many of whom represent all the company’s brands due to their complementary nature.  More »

Heinz Lichtenegger is the CEO and President of Pro-Ject Audio Systems, is an absolute audio and music fanatic and here talks to Hifi Pig about his history, his system and where he thinks the industry is headed.  More »

Bret D’Agostino is the President at BSC Audio that make a range of amplifiers, preamps and accessories…with an integrated amplifier on the way. He says the products he creates are “borne by a desire to produce a musical event that not only accurately represents the artist’s vision, but consistently offers a satisfying listening experience”. More »

Hifi Pig goes Behind The Brands with Russell Kauffman, the owner and designer at Russell K, makers of the well received Red 50 and Red 100 loudspeakers. More »

Garry Wise is the Managing Director of Kleio Audio Limited a UK start up manufacturer  whose goal is to “reinvent high-end audio”. Hifi Pig caught up with the very busy Gary to find out what makes him tick. More »

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