Janine Elliot takes a listen to the latest release on the Chasing The Dragon imprint, Quentin Collins’ All Star Quintet “A Day in the Life”, presented here on reel to reel.

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The space rock group Hawkwind are back with another album called All Aboard the Skylark. Benjamin Tapper takes a listen to this old, but new to him band.

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By Night is the brand new record by the Californian four-piece, Plague Vendor. They bring a hard, fast and loud sound which is very enthralling. The album has 10 songs on it and not one is a disappointment. Their sound could be described as punk or garage rock but ultimately they are an impressive hard rock outfit with punk attitude thrown in for good measure. More »

Club Kuru, are a London based alt-psych rock band and they are about to drop a new album called Meet your Maker. Roughly 45 minutes long, the album certainly does not overstay its welcome as it is a fantastic listen that gives off impressions of bands such as Tame Impala and even, to me, Pink Floyd – take a listen here and you’ll see what I’m on about.  More »

I first heard Josh Rouse via his 1972 album – that’s his album called 1972, not his album recorded in 1972.  Rouse was, in fact, born in 1972 so it would have been surprising, if not interesting, if he had recorded an album that year. More »

See the words New York, Drugs and Andy Warhol and you’re likely to come up with just one name, Lou Reed.

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Dale Jonathan Perkins “Voice Without Words Parts 1-3 (Ishikawa) review and interview.  More »

Well look what we have here just in time for the festive period, it’s a live double CD and DVD set from veteran spacerockers Hawkwind. I’ll be absolutely honest and say that I pre-ordered this the Day Cherry Red announced its release…I’m a bit of a fan to say the least. More »

Redtop headlines scream ”IS GUITAR MUSIC DEAD?!” on a regular basis. With indie-lite bands all politely plucking guitars and Ed Sheeran selling records by the truckload off the back of an acoustic six-string, the answer is no. But to quote Frank Zappa on jazz “…it just smells funny.”
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Eddie Izzard claimed Europe could be “the biggest melting pot in the world!” It may fall under the boundaries of the Western hemisphere, but Europe’s unique geographical placement puts it in between America’s Western-ism run amok and the Eastern World’s distinct ways and cultures. More »

The garage is hallowed ground. Like the opposite of a graveyard. More »

Stirring snapshots of late night coffee bars. New York and Paris. Black and white pictures, naturally. They sip whiskey and black coffee at the counters and tables while the quartet plays up a storm. Edward Hopper couldn’t be this evocative. More »

Eleanor McEvoy’s new album The Thomas Moore Project is, at first glance at least, a bit of a niche item. Thomas Moore was a 17th Century Irish songwriter and poet whose work has become somewhat neglected in recent times. Moore occupies a similar place in Irish heritage as Robert Burns does in Scotland but while Burns’ works are regularly revived and reinterpreted the world over, Moore’s have fallen out of fashion. More »

James Fleming on The Fall’s new album. Read on believers… More »

Janine Elliot takes a listen to Mike Valentine’s Chasing the Dragon label’s Reel to Reel Revival “Big Band Spectacular” by the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. Needless to say this is a reel to reel release.  More »

As children, when we lost a toy, we were taught to ‘retrace our steps’. To go back over the very recent past to find what we had lost. And Natterers are retracing hardcore punk’s steps to recover what has been lost in recent years. More »

Having just recovered from listening to the amazing binaural Espana and Mozart offerings from Chasing The Dragon – yes, they really are that good especially in vinyl form – Janine Elliot was invited back to Air Studios for what was yet another great production from the duo of Mike and Francoise Valentine. More »

An irony of ironies: since the advent of punk rock, a movement rooted in destabilising the establishment, it has become established that virtuosity ≠ authenticity + quality. Though it must be said, even without the Sex Pistols, Clash et al, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and their ilk were doing an excellent job of making that point… More »

If Marvel Comics’ Man-Thing made a record it would sound dangerously close to 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo. Sci-fi synths swirl and soar over Creedence Clearwater Revival-style swamp rock, topped off with David Thomas’ idiosyncratic warbling yelp. Pere Ubu are one of those rare bands who are – as John Peel put it when referring to The Fall – “always different, always the same.” More »

Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (definition: a fear of long words) is a wondrous mess of contradictions. By taking 21st century pop and melding it with The Jesus Lizard’s rhythmic disorientation, The Butthole Surfers’ sonic experimentation and the propulsive beat of dance music, Hypochristmutreefuzz have crafted a debut album of brilliant modernity. More »

33 seconds into Lace, there’s a ringing seventh chord that sends chills running down the spine. Hannah Aldridge’s strong, sultry vocals snake around the melody like a wisp of Marlboro smoke on the longest track across the 10 songs on Gold Rush. A barfly’s southern-gothic epic of a tale. More »

There’s a fine art to the lazy day. More »

As a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Brett Gleason’s hands are not incapable. However, virtuosity is not synonymous with creativity, and on Manifest Gleason treads water in an ocean of Amos-isms and ivory-tickling. More »

Singing unashamedly in their Georgia accents, like there’s a missing tooth to match the bruised mouth, Black Lips sound mean. More »

Somewhere in recent memory, two such grassroots genres as indie and country went multi-platinum. Conclusive proof that the genres have not so much infiltrated the mainstream as that the mainstream as infiltrated them are records such as Morganway. More »