CH Precision has released their new 10 Series family of amplifiers.

The first in the new family of flagship products that will sit above (and complement) the established 1 Series units are the twin-chassis, user-configurable, L10 Line-Preamplifier and the twin-chassis M10 user-configurable Mono/Stereo Power Amplifier (300 W/RMS into 8 Ohms stereo, over 1kW RMS into 8 Ohms in bridged mono mode, with bi-amped and high-current mono configurations as well).

CH Precision 10 Series

High End Swiss Hifi

CH Precision’s new 10 Series is outwardly similar to the 1 Series but the Swiss high end brand has taken steps to differentiate them.

There’s the straight profile on the front panel, in place of their trademark curve and, for the first time, the units will be available in not just the standard blue-grey finish, but anodised champagne gold or anthracite as well.But the real differences lie behind the fascia, in the circuitry, the componentry, the execution and most importantly, in the performance that results.

CH Precision 10 Series

Although the 10 Series is based on CH Precision’s proven audio circuit and power supply topologies, every aspect of their design has been re-examined. It took ten years to complete the 1 Series products and now they have applied that accumulated knowledge to the new, flagship 10 Series. Every circuit board has been re-laid, every component has been reassessed and where a performance advantage is to be gained, replaced. At the same time functionality and user-configurable facilities have been re-examined and updated, improving system matching and performance further still.

CH Precision says that “the benefits are measurable, with among other things, reductions in noise floor and phase error and a significant increase in headroom and dynamic response, but more importantly, the differences are clearly audible”.

Price And Availability

Prices vary with country, but the US dollar and Euro prices are as follows:

L10 Dual Monaural Line-Preamplifier      $73,000 / €71,000 (two chassis)

L10 Monaural Line-Preamplifier    $126,000 / €122,000 per pair (four chassis)

M10 Stereo Power Amplifier          $93,000 / €91,000 (two chassis)

M10 Monaural Power Amplifier     $176,000 / €172,000 per pair (four chassis)

All finishes or combination of finishes cost the same.

Special Trade-in deal for existing 1 Series customers.

Upgrades from 10 Series Dual Monaural units to True Monaural configuration for the difference in list price. Available in Q1 2021.

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